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Softening Cashmere? You just bought new, and irritated!?

I just bought a brand new cashmere cashmere tunic Griffen. The label says 100% cashmere ... but feels like wool. I was very disappointed when I bought it, but I keep it because I like the style tuinc, which is a little hard to find 100% cashmere. Does anyone have suggestions on how to soften it? I have tried to hand wash with shampoo and conditioner (not working). E s at the point where I will try to use hair conditioners such BioSilk Silk Therapy products I use to do my own hair softer. Help!

Some types of cashmere are finer than others. I have a dozen cashmere sweaters in half, and I noticed the difference in fiber quality. A secondary endpoints, which shades into something a little warmer than wool sheep. Kashmir Everything can be improved with a careful hand washing. Detergent you use, but if you use the shampoo does not contain air. Only the poop, nothing more. I can use yellow detergent Joy. Fill a bucket with warm water. Squirt in a teaspoon of detergent. Stir by hand. sweater set in water. Press the air bubble sweater. Stay away for six hours or overnight. The next day, fill another bucket with clean warm water. Also clean the bathroom sink too. Very Well, then put his hand under the sweater in the bucket with soap and let the ball while sweater, leaving nothing hanging. Transfer sweater wet sink and press press releases on the water ... but do not twist or pull. Never pull or twist the wet wool, including cashmere, and to not return to the form if you do. still form sweater a ball and place in clean water for rinsing. Press mixture of detergent shirt. Gently lift sweater out of the water as before and push the water in the sink again. You can clean for the second time the key and press once. Remove wet sweater in the sink, even in a ball and place on top of a clean and dry. Roll the sweater inside the towel, like a crescent, then sit on it to make the water remaining in the sweater to go in the towel. Then unroll the towel, wrap shirt itself and to transfer the jersey for a clean and dry. Leave to dry for 24 hours. The shirt is softer and when drying is complete filter.

Pashmina Cashmere Scarves organic

How pashmina cashmere and organic product?

Well, the best organic cashmere ecology.
The main stages of computer production are as follows.

1. Wool Collection
First Chyangra wool (Rattus rattus) goat charged. cashmere wool
are caught each spring. Then fine cashmere separates form the bulk side
hair. And both hair is cashmere hand. Wire
into a spinning wheel known locally as' Charkha. Before turning the raw materials
It is by stretching and cleaning to remove dirt and soak for a few days in a
mixture of rice and water to make it softer. Spinning by hand is a very conservative
task. It requires immense patience, skill and dedication and it is amazing process to
3. Weaving
Cashmere is too fragile to vibrations caused by the power loom, the fabric of
Traditional 100% cashmere shawls, is now on hand looms. It is essential thin but solid. The
weaving process itself is an art that has been transmitted from generation to generation, to
Chinar Softech exporting and manufacturers Email:
you fabulous shawls offered. It takes about four days to weave one
cashmere shawl. The fabric of cashmere products vary depending on the nature of
cashmere products. Various trades are necessary to weave Cashmere different products.
For cashmere shawls, cashmere stoles, cashmere scarves, cashmere scarves, cashmere
cashmere sweaters and blankets are woven on handlooms different and has different
amount of cashmere fibers and therefore takes time.
4. Fringes, drawings and models
Attractive margins and excellent and beautiful designs in cashmere is
different. Fringe designs add shawls cashmere and beauty booster
other cashmere products. Taking cashmere designs band is distinctive and
interesting time shawl. Because tapes and process design decisions is
artistic and delicate process takes hours on the tape and the design of each shawl cashmere or
All other product Cashmere by the expert.
5. Dyeing
Dyeing is also done by hand and each piece individually. Dyers with immense patience
and generations of experience is to dye the cashmere shawls, cashmere
stoles, scarves cashmere, cashmere scarves, cashmere sweaters, cashmere blankets and
Other products cashmere, that any mistake is reflected in the quality of
product. Only metal and azo free dyes are used, if the cashmere shawls and other
totally organic products. Water used for the dye is pumped from the bottom
below the surface. Dyeing is done at a temperature just below boiling point for nearly
hour. Cashmere is exceptionally absorbent, and dyes easily and deeply.
In this way, a fabulous cashmere shawl, cashmere stole, cashmere scarf, cashmere
Quiet, cashmere sweater, cashmere blanket cashmere and other products that are made. From of
manufacture of cashmere products is a pain staking, artistic process and the time
Therefore, the quality and price of cashmere products are incomparable with other
dresses or fibers.

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