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At Die Cut Machines your source for Die Cutting Machines and Crafting Supplies we hope the Solutions Cartridge Camp products and information here meets your needs.

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what is the best handgun and cartridge for self-defense purposes?

i live in a conflict area (in israel) so we're talking about defense against terrorists. And yes I am a good shot

Self protection from what? A human? Bear?

For me, I carry a concealed 1911A1 .45 Cal using ball ammo when I am in places of questionable safety. I carry it camping in mountain lion and black bear country. I carry it in LA against the 2 legged animals who live there.

If you are a good shot and don't spook easily, a .22 cal will work fine. Two in the forehead will bring a 300 pound human to the ground but won't do anything to a bear and mountain lion except tick them off. Hit any of the 3 with the .45 in the head, they are stopped permanently. The real secret to handgun selection is training and practice. Most any handgun will do fine for killing another person who is threatening you, BUT you have to remain calm and know when it is necessary to fire a killing round (you can't pull it back when it leaves the muzzle), plus you MUST hit exactly where you aim each and every time even though the target is hostile.

If you are unsure that you can react instantly and make the "right" decision to shoot or not shoot, recommend you get a bow and arrow instead. Less danger to everyone plus it will give you time to figure out what you need to do.

Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps - Retired (at one time, one of my many Marine Corps jobs was training Marines how to fire their .45 or .38 (aviators) pistols effectively and efficiently. I never worry about missing though I am concerned about premature decisions and shooting someone who may not really be a threat (the purpose for shooting a person is to stop the threat). Keep working the scenarios and prepare yourself. The law enforcement community have to deal with this aspect everyday in performance of their jobs!

EDIT: Adding on to Redmond: If your aiming point is center mass (heart) then the .45 or .357 is best. If you are a good shot, you don't need hollow points. They do the more damage than ball, but a .45 or .357 into the heart will make the attacker as dead as an hollow point. There are numerous thousand enemy who found this out the hard way ever since the inception of the 1911A1 .45 cal military pistol! Range for most civilian attacks is about 23 feet. In the Marine Corps, we train Marines at 15 and 25 yards. We don't have to worry about determining if the bad guy is running toward us or from us as is required in a US court of law (you cannot shoot anyone running away except in unusual circumstances. If you "shoot to kill" instead of "stopping the threat", you will likely find yourself behind bars for manslaughter. Solution, as noted above, be highly proficient and work through numerous scenarios between shoot and not shoot. Over the 40 years that I have used the 1911A1 .45, the only time that there was a problem with a round was while I was weapons Range Officer - we had a bad lot of very old govt ammo. Since then, never had a misfire or hangfire. Keep your weapon clean and oiled (after each and EVERY time it is fired) and will have a reliable weapon. Home loaded ammo should never be used in a weapon that is concealed and may be used to kill another human. Use only factory rounds otherwise the prosecution can make a case about how careless you are or that you had "intention" to kill the other person in "excess of stopping the threat". (Advice from a couple of sheriff's deputies and our local police chief).

What are the 5 best printers?

Today, the technology of ink on paper has a larger selection of little faster, more compact, multi-functional and most importantly, affordable printers. When you look for many printer brands, you get dozens of suggestions on the printer to buy.

On the basis of marketability, operating costs, function and performance, here are 5 suggestions for printers High performance is also a great value.

1. The t656dne Lexmark offers a network of 53 ppm in monochrome laser printer with color touch screen. It is also charged with many optional paper management and finishing options, with a capacity of 4,300 pages. Your maximum duty cycle of 275,000 running unimaginable a month. The transaction cost of P is 0.8 per page.

This model is equipped with a hard drive and print server with Gigabit Ethernet correctly. In general, Lexmark t656dne gives a workhorse printer that offers an impressive stack of utilities print, no matter how big or small if your business can be.

2. The Platinum Pro905 Lexmark offers a line of top British all-in-one. Although originally intended for the SOHO market, this machine offers budget solutions for enjoying a multi-functional laser printer color. Each printed page will cost around 0.7p, which is well below the cost of the black page of most MFPs.

He even a complete fax function can be accessed directly from its delicious touch controls screen. Pro905 Platinum Lexmark offers a versatile and well equipped that the machine is flexible enough to handle most printing and office or business tasks.

3. The Canon Pixma MX320 is an entry level Soho All-in-One Printer with Auto Document Feeder (ADF), a function which can handle up to 30 sheets. It is also equipped with a monochrome LCD screen with your fax number and large buttons for selections and how to copy in a black or color or print.

Although it has slots for memory cards, has a single USB connector, can be printed directly from PictBridge cameras and other data from USB storage devices. Although not designed for enthusiasts photos, the PIXMA MX320 is not surprising that produces excellent prints with natural colors. Reasonable speed printing, fax services, charger Document automatic quality copy PIXMA MX320 and gives a good deal on your home or office printer.

4. The Epson Stylus Photo PX710W is a slim, a large-scale printer is wireless, Ethernet and USB enabled. It is equipped with a color LCD screen where you can adjust parameters of the standard copy, print and fax applications. You can also print photos via memory card or device USB storage and USB devices.

It even has an optical character recognition, part of your text with scanning capabilities. Your BestQuality copy function produces copies that are difficult to distinguish from the original. At a rate of 25 ppm of its maximum operating this machine is equipped for printing high volume at a rate of vibration of color, clarity and authenticity that is hard to match.

5. The Samsung ML1915 printer offers affordable prints that offers fast single low operating costs. The value of 99 pounds, this printer offers printer appears best budget camp. Simple and attractive, ML1915 is designed to provide operational performance standard and high impact.

It comes with a starter cartridge which costs 45 pounds and yields 1,500 pages, which makes operating costs incredibly low. For its value, it is surprising that produces prints quality, it is perfectly adapted to almost any home or office. Overall, the Samsung ML1915 offers a dedicated document and economically.

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