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"I can use dye or pigment ink to reduce plastic?

I do not want to run to the store to another buffer. I read that I have to use a solvent-based ink.

Part of the stamp ink is solvent-based ink, but most are not. What brand are you? You can see Google. You can use Sharpie pen in any color, I know that for you. Just rub all I want to stamp on the plastic with the tip of a Sharpie, and voila! instant seal permanent plastic.You could also fill your own description and drawings right on the plastic in this way. I

Meals at the rational use of offset blanket

control of the offset printing process in the packaging, printing pressure is a complex technology. Compensating the pressure of the cover and the compression coating material from the elastic deformation. Therefore, the rational use of cover is to control stress offset a priority. Manta is essential for the production of packaging printing Offset is an important raw material, one of the reasonable use of maintenance can prolong the life of the cover to reduce costs production. At the same time, can not guarantee the quality requirements of the package of offset printing. Here to talk about the characteristics of coverage and use rational of these issues.

First, the types and characteristics of the coverage
Currently in print coverage used in common can be divided into: throws air cushion type and ordinary type 2 categories Manta.

common type of coverage, which is behind fabric rubber adhesive composition of the surface layer. As rubber has the characteristics of volume can be compressed during the compression surface layer will the print area across the convex hull.

The convex hull of this phenomenon is the surface displacement relief after contact next week at most half of the arc through the convex hull (the department) and the smallest semi-through (midpoint lens) is a big difference. The result was blanket cylinders and cylinder between the plate and blanket cylinders and impression cylinders When Glide footprint increased to the point that the deformation of points of profit, which makes the transfer of the print quality full graphic.

In addition to the final type of tissue covering the adhesive rubber air cushion, the surface layer outside the surface layer is also strengthening layer of micro-porous foam sponge. Micro-microporous foam is composed of many small closed air layers of the balloon is dispersed. When coverage of the surface layer under pressure, micro-bubbles in the air ball under pressure, reduce the size of its own, usually only given rise to vertical compression. The variants that are more print area on both sides of development. In the embossing process does not generate not the convex hull of this phenomenon. reducing the time to ski in the position of printing.

Transfer Network and the transfer All graphics precision. In particular, the transfer rate of expansion of various colors could offset reduced sales outlets. The tone and correction colors of the height reduction. Provides greatly improved the quality of printed graphics. As blankets of air cushion layer are type porous, so it is better to the sensitivity of coverage flexibility ordinary reversibility and impact resistance. Multi-color offset press pressure can cause pressure stability. Of course, a blanket, air pillows and bedding blankets to reduce costs in terms of higher prices.

cover common type may be offset printing in black and white or in the field of employment. In general, a soft filling material is used, Some common forms printed. Because, in relative terms Print compressed a large amount of the rate of network expansion as well. If several colors offset printing, generally with a cushion of air cover or hard surface neutral type amount of compression is low, low dot gain. If the material of soft bedding used to cover the bag lining the amount of compression will be a large integer, the gain spread easily. Therefore, the offset blanket air pad itself, the benefits transfer network of high precision. Therefore, we must also note that although the use of package liner Cover with nature.

Second Instead, the rational use of cover
1, the correct voltage Manta
Manta must be securely determined by the tension force in the blanket cylinders. If coverage is extended too loose, the impact they have pressed while the movement may be recovered in time. Ghosting made General error occurred, of course, can not stop too tight. The coverage will allow the sealing layer thinning, the flexibility to reduce and eventually have enough pressure. But also accelerate the aging process coverage, so that the transfer of ink undesirable phenomena that affect product quality but also reduce the duration of coverage.

Fixing the blanket cylinder on its own will produce a tension in the stress and tension of the race. internal stress will be gradually extended over time by Mino. Thus, the tension eased. This is known as a general relaxation of tension. stress relaxation occurring in particular in the new-for-one coverage on. Thus, the new can not be a blanket in the lift, when stretched too hard, the co-printing press for some time, an increasingly tighter. This should be repeated until ~ 2 to 3 times. Then the phenomenon of stress relaxation weakened, the overall level of tension remained stable for a long period.

2, the correct measure of Manta
pressure offset is usually the size of the stack with the lining pressure bag on the cover and the maximum amount of compression to represent. Its unit is mm. Therefore, the correct measure is to calculate the thickness pressure on the box cover of the key. As the tension in the blanket on the drum, elongation, resulting in a decrease layer thickness Pu.

Therefore, in the absence of coverage cylinders mounted in a blanket state cylinders and installed in a coverage, these two types of state values of the measured thickness are not the same. Therefore, to correctly calculate the bag when the value of travel insurance is better measured by the barrel of the instrument.

But today, many feel, and is not equipped with cylinder through the instrument. Usually measured with a micrometer thick blanket and facing material. As micrometer is not installed on the drum of the general condition of the measured data, so that the operator must cover installed in the drum after the voltage is not installed by the thickness and the thickness of the poor, must have a correct estimate. Increased pressure not to appear biased. Relatively soft line on the impact on small pressure differential, but only by the differential impact of stress the rigid line more.

3, the general installation
If due attention to the distinction between the use blanket coverage of latitude, longitude and direction. For a blanket around the cylinder with the axis to achieve printing results. Because is not easy to cover stretched variant. Easy to reach base portion of the zone type. Therefore, management chain, silk blanket should not be Blind to install. general coverage behind a line of clear signal of silk, if a band of red or blue, with the warp on the roller axis perpendicular al. Manta Court, we must pay attention to nature, both sides of the same length. wooden tables on both sides must be parallel. Then coverage tense not be placed on the side of his face tightened and loosened.

Also note that the distance between the axles of the wheels on both sides must be equal. Otherwise, you can make blanket cylinders from the printing cylinder or printing plate cylinder axis is not parallel to one side of the cover charge pressure of the other high side pressure on the winger in time more slowly, to the rubber clothing broader produced otherwise. This means that variants of the poor quality of Indian products.

4, cleaning and general maintenance
During a period of printing, the surface coverage because a physical absorption, the accession of many wool paper, dust paper and the accumulation of skin ink. If there is no time to clean dust thick stack of paper, increase pressure on local printing. Manta happened over the plastic deformation. They accumulate over time to the local depression. By Therefore, printing paper produced hair, dust, paper, ink and skin etc., must be developed quickly and the water drinking.

Manta with light and heat aging characteristics. Buy black sheet of paper containers must be stored in a cool place. Manta cleaning faster, thanks to the use of volatile solvents. If blanket coverage volatile solvent slowly with solvent, then the accounts of aging. By Therefore, a wash cloth with the solvent rubber skin will certainly have to clean. India and exhausted for a particular product, if encountered in a long time to heal, to release the tensioning device coverage, so that coverage to relax, have a relaxing preventive coverage.

In summary, the coverage to offset packaging materials in one and compensate for the quality of products have a significant impact. As packaging and printing workers, not half, is Xu arouse our attention. Labour, especially in times of peace are still studied and analyzed. At the same time to summarize the experience, but also to consult my colleagues, so that coverage for the proper and reasonable. About the Author

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