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What is a good country to export and import to and from?

What is a good country to export and import from? Do the country’s location, climate, topography, and natural resources play a large role? What effect might the economic forces within that country have on the product’s potential?

From "FORBES " Magazine ---

The German economy is a huge restructuring play that will take many years to bear fruit, so investors should go with large German multinationals that are not waiting for the politicians to tell them what to do. They are searching the globe for opportunities and winning big contracts and profits for shareholders. However, the pace of economic growth and employment numbers in Germany seem to be moving in the right direction,with plemty of exports to CHINA, although Germany now imports more than it exports to China.

Still , Germany manufactures high-quality "EVERYTHING "
From fine wine to excellent clock movements, and other products, such as....

Machinery, Cars & Heavy Industry, including.........

BMW; Bosch; DaimlerChrysler; Linde; MAN; Porsche; ThyssenKrupp; Volkswagen; Audi; Liebher

High Tech & Fine Mechanics, including ..........

Deutsche Telekom; SAP; Siemens; Infineon

Chemical Industry & Pharmaceuticals such as .......

BASF; Bayer; Beiersdorf; Boehringer-Ingelheim; Degussa; Henkel; Merck


Because of its central location, Germany shares borders with more European countries than any other country on the continent. Its neighbours are Denmark in the north, Poland and the Czech Republic in the east, Austria and Switzerland in the south, France and Luxembourg in the south-west and Belgium and the Netherlands in the north-west.

Most of Germany has a cool, temperate climate in which humid westerly winds predominate. The climate is moderated by the North Atlantic Drift, which is the northern extension of the Gulf Stream. This warmer water affects the areas bordering the North Sea including the peninsula of Jutland in northern Germany . This climate has little effect on railroad shipments to other countries on the continent, nor airplane deliveries.

Tourism in South India: Exploring the Dravidian Culture

Surrounded by three major bodies of water: the ocean Indian, Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal in southern India has grandeur and beauty with lush tropical vegetation in coastal areas. The tropical climate is less severe than in northern India. The area is rich in flora and fauna, biodiversity, habitats and ecosystems. the southern states of India are Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamil Nadu. These states are very fertile and rich in natural resources. Because of natural beauty of its beaches, mountain resorts and landscapes South India has become a major destination for tourists. With the hordes of 'flow of tourists, South India Tourism has increased dramatically over the past two decades.

Dravidian is the name given to a linguistic group of people in southern India. It is believed that the first settlers of origin of ancient India, the group found unity culture, language and lifestyle of people. The Dravidian family of languages, namely, Malayalam, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu languages are distinctly different North Indian as Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and Gujarati. Thank you to its affinity with the ancient culture, not only the South Indians have a different language, Indian North.

The history of South India is believed to have started with the first and perhaps the most famous and most influential among dynasties of South India. They were on the east coast of Tamil Nadu currently Coramandal. It reached its zenith between the ninth and thirteenth when they ruled the entire south of India, including eastern and western coast. He also conquered Ceylon (now Srilanka), Srivijaya, Malaysia and the Maldives. With a powerful navy and maritime trade and commerce expanded their activities to the Far East. As expected, its art and architecture have left a profound impact on the islands of Sumatra and Java, Indonesia and Malaysia pieces. With a package for South India, you can visit many Chola style temples scattered across southern India, including stone inscriptions have helped rebuild and the mysteries of Indian history.

Trench is another powerful dynasty in ancient especially Tamil Nadu, South India who reigned over its early history. They ruled Malabar Coast in Kerala. The Pandyas were in the center-south. Despite these turbulent and hostile dynasties each remained at a constant conflict with each others, a century, the Vijayanagar Kingdom has become one of the most powerful empire that ruled for nearly 200 years. Happy with the army and a base strong maritime, as art and literature flourished. Your Hampi ruins are scattered over an area of 14 square miles considered the largest museum Outside world. To attend the story turned into stone, visited Hampi in South Tours India. Not just an ancient treasure, but also offer much to learn from experts in art and modern architecture.

The culture of South India had a fascinating aspect of his concept of matriarchal society. One can still see the celebration of womanhood and motherhood at its best. In literature and philosophy of India Women are considered southern India boasts of his own music called Carnatic music. Until the 12th century, the history of Indian music was the same for all India. When the influence of Muslims and the confluence cultural, Indian music divided into two systems - the North Indian "Hindustani music" and the south of India "Carnatic music" continues to grow without external influence of Carnatic music is almost entirely unified with different schools on the basis of the same ragas, solo comparable instruments, mainly veena, flute, violin, mridangam and ghatam.

South India has your own kitchen. The staple is rice and fish, while the coconut forms an important ingredient in almost all dishes. The curries tend to be more hot and spicy. The Rice is combined Nadu. The typical food served in a traditional "vazhaillai," a freshly cut plantain leaf. If you are planning a trip to India South, taste local specialties that are famous worldwide because of its uniqueness and spices.

Culturally northern India and southern India have praised each other. While in southern India, culture and ancient customs are preserved confirmed with maximum attention to engaging the leading edge knowledge and technologies, northern India has greatly enriched Indian society, assimilate, accept and absorb external influences.

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