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Fitting Glass in replacement wooden windows. Just bought a Magnet Window but beading is confusing.?

There were some plastic spacers supplied with the beading.The bottom beading is meant to overhang the frame but only fits if it sits on the spacers. If this is what I am supposed to do, how do you pin the bottom beading and how do you prevent the space becoming filled with spiders. The side beadings only fit if the bottom beadings sit on the spacers, otherwise they are too short. Thanks

cant you use putty instead of beading?....put putty round the frame then push the glass in,pin the glass in then putty all round,then with a clean putty knife smooth over.after that go inside and clean the back putty off....

Ideas For Jewellery Making Using Gemstones

The Earth has produced a veritable rainbow of precious and semi-precious gemstones and through the ages mankind has taken these beautiful stones and incorporated them into jewellery making. Certain stones hold particular significance for many cultures and some are prized above others for their rarity or beauty. But it isn't just diamonds and rubies that command our attention - semi-precious stones have their own, intrinsic beauty and can be used in any form of jewellery making.

Gemstones can be at the centre of a piece or they can act as a compliment to a design. The simplest way to use gemstones in jewellery making is to use gemstone beads, which come ready-drilled for easy application. A simple string of semi-precious turquoise beads interspersed with silver spacers can produce a simple but stunning necklace that can be worn with any outfit. By using the same pattern in a bracelet and a pair of earrings you can create a matching set that compliments each component perfectly. If you're looking for a deeper effect, then the gold-flecked, colbalt blue of lapis lazuli is an ideal choice. This stunning gemstone is so highly regarded that it is used for more expensive commercial jewellery making, as well as being readily available to the hobbyist.

Almost everyone wears at least one ring, and if you look in any woman's jewellery box you will find an array of gemstones set into various designs. From a simple but elegant solitaire diamond ring to a cluster of garnets, gemstones have been used to adorn the fingers of both rich and poor for thousands of years. Findings and settings are easily obtainable from any good jewellery supplier, and it is a simple matter of finding a cabochon or faceted gemstone to fit the setting and then marrying up the two. It doesn't have to be diamonds all the time - the vivid green and black stripes of malachite make an eye-catching ring at a budget price that is suitable for any occasion and can be a real conversation starter.

Necklaces are where gemstones really come into their own. A delicate filigree design of deep red garnets or green peridot can add a dash of freshness and elegance to a summer wardrobe, whereas a plain cabochon of amber set in silver and worn as a black velvet choker is the ultimate in evening elegance. One of the most popular gemstones is the vibrant rainbow of the opal. This incredible stone reflects every colour imaginable and changes constantly, making some high quality opals almost seem alive. Opal works with silver particularly well and is easily obtainable both as a finished gem or, if you're feeling a little more ambitious, as an uncut stone that can be cut and polished to reveal the hidden beauty inside. A ring set with an opal catches the light and the eyes of everyone who looks at it, although there are some superstitions attached to its use that may put some people off!

Gemstones have never been out of favour and offer a world of possibilities in jewellery making. They can be used for any project, large or small, and is available in a variety of prices making it possible to incorporate into your designs even at beginner's level.

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