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What activities / sports you should try before you die?

you know, skydiving, mountain climbing. I have only 14 years, So some time ago. My father told me skydiving and bungee jumping. Therefore, I wanted more ideas of what might try to not have a high risk of death.

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Former Birthplace Claims Another extreme sport tragic First

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Tradition, myths defying jumps old and death are part of the ancient birthplace of extreme sport. The most spectacular frightening religious ceremony is repeated every year. A crowd standing in respectful silence as the "frail 75 tower collapsed, taking everyone on the same floor.

It is one of the most spectacular in the frightening world of religious ceremonies on the island of Vanuatu Land Diving Pentecost. The home and birthplace of extreme sports ancient and pre-runner of all modern bungee jumping.

Maybe it's a question that women in secret, or simply the legend mysterious ancient myths, but it is rumored that the first land diver was a woman. In a desperate attempt to escape violence her husband tied a vine to her ankle and was thrown from the top of a tree. She survived. Not to be outdone by a woman, her husband was released after her without the help of a vine. He died.

Who became an ancient ceremony, which celebrates the harvest of yams showing their first notice ahead early April. At least one large wooden tower is built in each village in the south of the island. Torres also often reach high as 23 meters (75 feet).

This year, every Saturday from April to June, it will go one day, where men of all ages online to take the plunge. Unfortunately, it could be his last on earth Act.

The islanders believe that the jump is needed to ensure abundance the yam harvest. Diving back or shoulders to brush land carved so that the fertile land. We hope that all rocks are removed area.

Now, he also became a ceremony to show the acceptance of men in adulthood. What jump death, demonstrates the potential of masculinity, however, is beyond our understanding of the civilized mind. "Given, the jump is now taboo for women.

Each human psyche to dive for the platform precarious, held their only two vineyards friends were attached to the ankles. If too much moisture in the vine, the vineyards are spread with a fatal outcome. However, one participant died during a shootout When Queen of England was present in 1974 due to a very dry season. The vines did not have enough elasticity "which started up stretching.

When ready to jump the diver raises his hands to calm their songs, dances and whistles. Just shouted before jumping his innermost thoughts, are they are. They may be your last words on earth, then it is time to let it all hang out.

He claps her hands, crossed her arms over her chest and looks until he fell on the edge of the platform.

Barely conscious, the diver quickly contributed to his feet as the men advanced to the vid ankles. The crowd roars its approval.

This year, the platform collapsed before the first dive was performed. Reasons: dug holes deep enough into the soil to support the weight of climbers. Maybe it was not enough support for the vines in the back to keep the amount of the tower.

"What was the cameraman driving the tower, anyway? The local island ask.

This is the 21st century, still retains its traditional place, rightly or wrongly. You have not heard Security? Short answer. NO! It is in places like the Outer Islands Vanuatu.

Neither free education in human the Child, ratified by the United Nations General Assembly, 1989.

Many students never get the chance to go high school without outside assistance, although men of Pentecost years will be challenging dead jump. These children will be left in the 21st century with nothing but their traditional lifestyle. You can make a difference in the lives of these children and the lives of his people. The former tradition will not be challenged, but children in less developed countries, the right to have the opportunity to realize their dreams and ambitions.

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