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What type and where to buy spray paint for my car?

I went to the operation of the fleet and Menards looking for a firearm professional, but only found "his" nozzles that spray paint and stains and such ... Does that work and turn back to Nice? ... HELP PLEASE NO SPAM

Get a HVLP gun and you have to get the car paint. His name appears in the phone book. Goals I have a Devilbiss spray gun.

Careful analysis of the best techniques of spray paint for your car - spray paint

Once you've decided that going to repaint your vehicle will then learn the techniques used to obtain a durable finish. Of course, the product will need to spray paint cars. It comes in a variety of ways, but each has its own way to implement.

You will find the most common type of spray paint car uses compressed gas. Then compressed air is used to provide the ability to spray. There are also a variety of weapons fire on the market specifically designed for these tasks painting.

If you do touch up work or small, you should find the spray paint regular properly preserved. These are boxes of spray paint cars that are under high pressure spray. To apply to keep your arm moving as quickly apply a light coat of paint in the desired area. Please put on the motion of the box you will end up with visits.

Then you can use big guns. In this case, paint gun combined with the air to acquire the necessary pressure. Yet once, you just apply a light coat and again to keep the arm in motion. If we do not keep scanning, including painting, will find with an uneven finish. There are well over spray with this method as approximately one third will go to be 2/3rds the object while in the air.

Another type of technique you can use it with a spray of high volume low pressure. It is very similar in the barrel Convention except weapons requires less pressure. In this case, even if a larger volume of air required. This method, if it is used so appropriate means reduced spray paint auto spray over the target region. In this case, two thirds of the painting are used more countries in the atmosphere. Opinions differ on whether the use of techniques HVLP.

For remote can use the electrostatic spray painting. Again, this method is more efficient for the amount of car spray paint hit the target area.

There are several other methods that are very similar. As with all techniques depends on the type of equipment you use. Most of the equipment used to spray paint the car will come with instructions and advice. In almost all cases, but several layers Light is recommended by over one or two heavy. basic maintenance techniques of painting in motion most likely be asked.

If possible, you may want to practice a bit with any computer that you choose. It is better to make mistakes on another object, with your car. If not, could end up with much more work than expected.

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