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air brush tanning supplies?

T anyone recommend any particular airbrush spray? Also this type of tanning solution you recommend?


Try before you start your permanent tattoo always with one or more of these 4 tips

If youâ € ™ re thinking about a tattoo, but arena Committed € ™ t enough to make the leap and go permanent, there are some alternatives you might want to check. It is important to understand however, when looking for a â € œtry valid-before-you-tattoos Buya € alternative, semi-permanent tattoos are simply not available.
Available at the Internet as well as beauty salons and market stalls, this product is simply a product of someone € ™ s imagination. Despite claims of these tattoos indicate that theyâ € ™ ll only lasts six months, the fact of the matter is that each When you inject a dye into the skin of a € Y remains until you delete professionals.
So, if youâ € ™ re not absolutely convinced itâ € ™ s what you want, forget it! The only real alternative to henna tattoos are permanent tattoos have tend to lose color in a month or a stick on tattoos, which often fade within 7 days. If youâ € ™ re very artistic, however, you can try a little experiment with a permanent text.

Henna Tattoos

A good way to test your design is the use of a henna tattoo. Henna is a natural dye from a plant. The dye usually begin to fade after seven days. Most of the time, disappear completely in a month. henna designs can be applied to any part of the body and generally do not cause skin reactions. The only drawback to the use of henna is that it is available in a variety colors. Although it is possible to mix different shades of henna, usually orange marked on the skin and darkens to a reddish brown color after two days. There are also companies that are marketing a € â € Henna œblack product. Precautions about this product very broad and that the use could cause dangerous reactions and € € œBlack Henna is actually a material called para-phenylenediamine, or PPD, which is dyed black hair. Although some of these products may contain henna, most do not. This is artificial coloring not approved for use on the skin and has been responsible for serious adverse reactions, including itching, blisters and scars possible. Whether you decide to do your henna tattoos yourself or have it done professionally, make sure that PPD is not used. Henna kits and models can be purchased online for around $ 20.00.

Stick-on tattoos

While most adults think tattoos with the variety of adhesive postage stamp which often comes with the package of gum and washed with water, these tattoos temporary replacement permanent are very advanced and the variety of sizes and designs available can be a surprise to most consumers. Temporary tattoos available the market today use vegetable dyes and a liaison officer is usually thongs. These tattoos not only look realistic, but in reality, will continue as long as three weeks. Although itâ € ™ s much cheaper to buy in bulk these tattoos, the individual prices vary depending on size and design. A 5x9 inch tattoo of dragon bracelet in a color, for example, can be purchased online for only a dollar. Most stores also design your custom temporary tattoo, however, usually require a minimum purchase of custom work. An inexpensive and painless a permanent tattoo, stick on tattoos look more convincing than ever. Using this option gives you the opportunity to change not only the location of tattoo, but the design and only a few minutes.

Airbrush Tattoos

Although WEA € ™ ve seen the shirts airbrush paintings and in the stands at the fair, airbrush tattoos are also becoming popular as an option for permanent tattoos. Using the same procedure used with shirts, a stencil is located in the skin and an airbrush sprayer is used to fill in color. Although the design is generally lasts about one week, is considered the airbrush technique that produces a final product closer to the eyes a real permanent tattoo. Airbrush tattoos are more expensive the stick-tattoos, but not even close to the cost of a permanent tattoo. Prices airbrush tattoos can vary from $ 20 to $ 100.

Other Options

If none of the above are what youâ € ™ re looking for in a temporary tattoo, you can always rely on your own. pens Standing excellent job designs short-term may request or using a template, Crayola washable markers but which are an easy way to verify a drawing or a field that can be removed immediately.

When it comes to body art temporary tattoo, the options are limited only by your imagination. Adding an organ or smallest spark stick on crystals can add to the originality of its conception. One thing is certain - nobody no two are alike!

Although any or perhaps all of these options can not satisfy their desire to work some ink, if youâ € ™ re still tends to have a permanent design, it would be a good option to do custom in a temporary format WEA € ™ ve discussed. Having the tattoo for a couple of weeks gives you the opportunity to determine the response of others, with their level of satisfaction, and even allow you to experiment somewhat with the position of your tattoo before making a commitment that could change how you feel.

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