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My room and my style?

Ok I am not the EMU, but I think for my style I like black and white, is that weird? Lol and I'm waiting paint my walls black, but some window seat need to suspend the sale on the ground or DIF. Colors! And I'm hoping to have a white round bed? Is that a good sound and what color should my rug? What do you think my idea of square glass stain? and I am jumping to some images in black and Wite. Also my seater 12 by 12 and connected by a pearl necklace and I have 14 is what allowed it? I think Sqaure is being beaten as you said!

For 14, which is cool. Its matte or gloss paint or satin? white moldings and mats to match a color in the windows to join. Circle of bed is ideal for the design of your room but consider the cost of underwear. If hanging on woodpeckers use black and white mats and black narrow white frame ... correspond to the white color of the white ledge.

Glass and new materials in national strategies

Recently, the National Science and Technology has officially adopted the city of Bengbu glass of domestic construction, new materials, high technology industrial base. The city of glass and new materials have been officially integrated into national development planning strategy for high-tech industry overall design of the city of glass and new materials to improve technological innovation for industrial capacity, and actively pursue the transfer of industries, extend the industrial chain, and improve the value-added products, promote the development of the agglomeration of industry of great importance.
Construction Industry is full of high-tech companies based in the management and leadership role in promoting regional development economic leap forward effectively, the integrated functions and agglomeration effects. The city as an old industrial city of the depth of crystal transformation glass and has some advantages. In 2004, to continue to improve the technical standards of the city for the glass industry and skills, and industrial restructuring, the collection on an industrial scale, the city government has proposed the development of new materials based glass and high-tech industrial objectives and 2006 ended basic provincial high-tech industries.
In recent years, the city in promoting of independent innovation and comprehensive reform pilot area in the process of construction of any new material to promote the development of cluster glass industry, and the selection of new display materials, photovoltaic glass and other industries focused on the development direction continues to accelerate progress in independent innovation and equipment, actively expand cooperation to accelerate industrial modernization. The city is a glass and products based on optical glass, float glass special information materials display, glass conductive film and photovoltaic glass has led to the manufacture of glassware to complete the system of industrial development and encouraged Chinese Kai Sheng, Fang Xing Technology, conductor film Huayi, air Sanxin as industry leader. Is obtained spherical silica powder, glass beads, hollow glass solar ultra-white glass Anti-glare glass substrate solar, thin film amorphous silicon solar cells and a number of scientific and technological achievements, declare any patent over 100 pieces. Among them, ultra-white solar glass in 2007 was state-owned enterprises, a new record high price Innovation No. 4, breaking technical block long-term overseas. ITO conductive film glass powder, spherical silica and other products has reached the technological level of the main national level, the corresponding output of the product are among the highest in the country for many years.
Today, the glass industry has developed new materials to the attention of the city pillar industries, a total of 29 companies above the waist, 7 state of high technology, innovation-oriented company, with national, provincial wide range of platforms innovative in July, industrial R & D lies in the skill level of national leaders. Equipped with an annual production of six million boxes weight of float glass, 110,000 tons of special glass, 11,000 tons of superfine powder, 20 million film conductive glass, solar glass, 1.2 million cases of weight and 40 million production capacity of square meters of glass coated with TCO, has become an important material to show the national database of production photovoltaic glass. About the Author

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