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Bathroom new model. Where do I put the glass mosaic tiles scratched?

I am remodeling a small bathroom quarter bathroom. The walls are white subway tiles (rectangular, like a brick) ground to just over medium height. There will be a glass mosaic tile Multicolor band from four rows of 1 "x1" square. If the tape is at the top of the tile? Or put another row of white tiles above? Clarification: The tile is on the wall of the bathroom, no shower. The top of the slab is 4 meters. I'm not whether it is better to put the band on the top or on the line one down.

It's really a matter of personal choice

Tiles Zillij: traditional Moroccan mosaics

Zillij (tile) is an important element of decoration. The word is derived from tile tile French word, which, in turn, derives from the Latin word tegula, meaning a tile composed of baked clay.
Zillij (tile) is an element significant decoration. The tile word is derived from the French word tiles, which, in turn, derives from the Latin word tegula, meaning a tile made baked clay. The process of production begins with the mixture of mud and water and knees hands and feet to achieve a high level of flexibility and homogeneity. Then the mixture is cut into cubes 1 cm thick each. The seats are dry in the sun before being placed in a special oven for baking the first phase. The tiles are placed at different levels depending on the degree the temperature required to obtain a color. The white tile is often placed at the bottom followed by blue, yellow and green on top. The second phase starts when we remove the tiles from the oven and separate by their colors, and once we've finished with this process, we begin to draw the design patterns applied directly tiles, this is done by "rasham" followed by the cutting process is carried out by "Naqqash" carefully separate the model developed by a sharpened hammer. classifier Last but not least, the "work Khalla" or the disappearance of executives cutting edges, ensuring that all requirements for production. With the help of our team design, the teacher draws zillij layout design on the ground and places each furmah or a piece of tile in place out in the scheme. Curiously, the placement of tiles is done upside down, making it even more difficult to absorb.
Zillij then usually covers the walls, floors and the columns of many spaces as kitchens, bathrooms, living room and many other areas. These areas include not only residences but also restaurants, hotels, theaters, etc.. Zillij have different motifs (geometric, floral and chiseled) and colors. Each pattern and color remains a symbol and a sense especially in the iconography of the Islamic Republic / Moorish art. However, we understand that our customers' needs and tastes vary, and so are our patterns and colors.
In addition to floors and walls, zillij can be used to produce beautiful tables and fountains with a variety of reasons and colors. Sources may be central or part of a wall. Usually placed on the wall opposite the main entrance, opposite the visitor, as Center zillij decoration. The source is a very important part of the Moorish house because water is an epitome of life in Islam. In Islamic warm climate, water pools and fountains cools as decorates court. Water does not only reflect architecture and decorative motifs multiply, but can also serve as a means to emphasize the visual axes.

Benefits Zillij (Blue Jays)

Creative benefits

* Feature historic, cultural, artistic and architectural themes.
* Create a unique environment through a combination of different models, colors, shapes and textures.
Technical and economic benefits

* Structurally, tile is one of the fastest mechanical finishing, inside and outside.
* It is fire resistant and does not burn at any temperature or produce toxic gases.
* Its colors are permanent, unaffected by UV rays or fading from sun exposure.
* It is non-conductive and will not produce an electric shock. It is ideal in sensitive computer installations in a corporate environment or home office.
* It offers high insulation values, but acts as part of natural cooling in summer and retains ambient heat in cold weather.

Environmental and health benefits

* Slip resistance for improved security in the interior and exterior surfaces.
* Made from 100% natural abundant raw materials which, when removed from a site, is not harmful to the landfills.
* It reduces allergies and improves the quality of indoor air

About the Author

Interior designer specializing in Moorish architecture and Moroccan home decor.

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