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To all of you who sew, have you ever heard or made a pillow quilt "quilt or flaky?

I hear your story.I made several and gave them what do are gifts.The easy, just cut square (mine are 5'') to Serge three sides, things lightly, Serge end.Make those of any like.I tissue using large quantities of waste, I have accumulated over time.The sew "cushion" to make a long strip, then take another strip and sew the strips until Size does not get the quilt want.I Tho not use stretch fabric does not work too well, but most of the works of other tissues are light and my friends ok.They warm.All say they are beautiful.Soooo tell me your story and other ideas, you can also have.I a bag of these little pillows, is quite nice, different.I something they have not seen one anywhere.You in a shop can find a picture of my quilt for the first time in my page .... 360 Thanks a lot

Here is a picture of a quilt cake baby with a little touch of fantasy, only to give them another idea to add to your collection. It is easy to do. (Click on image to enlarge for more details): http://www.idahoquilts.com/images/72

As for her quilting hobby money

Are you an amateur or a cushion for Quilter part time seeking to make money Your passion for quilting? Are you having trouble selling your work? If the answer is yes, then check this out.

Study the market before start
If you are serious about How to turn your quilts money, it is important to research the market before you start trying to sale. Study the market helps you find the types of coverage are currently in high demand in your area. Once you know this, you can think of making quilts that are in high demand in your area. This makes it easier to sell their quilts for a good enough price for their quilts.

Those who take their hobby quilting is simply not necessary to spend much time investigating the market that the outcome of the investigation could lead to the conclusion that the request of his favorite type of quilts is very low. If your options are flexible, or if you are ready to make any coverage that customers may want there should be no problem for you to generate a good amount of money your hobby.

Pricing of quilts
Determining a price for the quilt consists of few steps, the first such market research and should have done prior to tapping.

employee time tracking arrangements
The second stage of the fee must be made when creating the quilt, which is "to keep track of their time. "You should write or record the time spent on the quilt, including the total time spent on the quilt (from a choice design to finishing the quilt).

First, find the total time spent at different stages of the quilt (preparing the boss paper, reconstruct, basting, quilting, binding, placing his study in order after the quilt is completed, etc.), then estimate time all that is needed in all these steps and divide by the size (square feet) of your quilt. Now that you calculated the time it takes to produce a square meter of this particular style of quilt.

Determine how much your time is worth
The next step Pricing is to know the price of your time to decide to what point, while speeding to cover the pain.

If are a beginner or if you make a minimum wage unskilled can then be between $ 6.00 and $ 7.00 per unit of time. If you are a seasoned quilting or perform difficult tasks, time is worth more than that. Something on the order of $ 10 - $ 15 hours must be reasonable price in this scenario. But is for you to decide what your time is worth. The market should have done can help you make a decision regard. You can also contact quilts in your area and talk to him and come to a conclusion.

Evaluation Quilt
Assessment is a written document on the price and other attributes of a quilt. Things that should be included in an assessment of the quilt is a description of the quilt, a fixed price, the system used to determine the price, the reason for the assessment (sale or resale, insurance requirements IRS, the equitable sharing of property, etc.) and the signature of the evaluator.

Quilt Sales
After your quilt is made, is likely to want to sell or trade so that you can generate money for the time and effort they have made to make your quilt. small-scale quilts, new blankets, bedspreads part time or someone to quilt as a hobby usually the promotion of their quilts is more difficult than sewing. Thus, the list of methods to promote a few quilt that will be very useful for the group above.

Hallways and quilt shops
It is difficult for amateurs and part-time embroiderers to open its stores and sell their art quilt. For this type of coverage that will be useful to find other ways to promote their work. There are brokers quilt and craft shops, he would be delighted to sell parts by the payment of a court. It should be easy for you to find dealers in your area these stores offer their products through them. A Once your quilts became popular as the demand increases for their quilts you may want it on a larger scale or work full time and quilt consider marketing their products directly to customers.

Selling items on online auction sites
Alternatively available to quilters amateur or part-time to present their work on online auction sites. There are many available online. Auction online can be padded to find a way to sell carpet at maximum price. Some of these sites even give you the opportunity to sell their quilts a fixed price instead of the relationship between them for auctions. It's up to you whether you want to bid for consumers or duvet just buy a fixed price.

Some websites even allow you to specify a minimum bid "to prevent his work can be purchased at a lower price as they please. This is a very effective part-time or hobby quilts to sell their work.

Quilting other avenues related to income
There are many other ways to generate cash quilting related things. Here are two ways as require some experience.

Quilt Lessons
If you are a master craftsman and have very little time (just a few hours per day less) to devote to quilting, you can choose this option. You can find some schools that offer classes in quilting and contact with their offering to give a course for beginners quilting quilts. If you have a unique stitching technique on those who can teach, it would be easier to get a contract as Professor of the quilt. Another option is to teach quilting for you. You can use their free time like this and you should be able earn money with it pretty good.

The design of new quilt patterns
If you are good quilt patterns to make new and unique, you can easily make money by selling quilts to other models of demand for news will always be high. For quilt patterns that marketing design, you can use the same methods described above for the marketing of quilts.

Like any business, if you use your time and resources most effectively is not difficult to make a good race quilting or generate good income.

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