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The squares are cut to length x in the corner of 8 cm by 14 cm of a piece of metal. Find the volume of the box?

Places are cut along x the corner of 8 cm by 14 cm piece of metal. The folded to make a box. Find the volume of the box

The length of the case is 14 - 2x cm. The width is 8 - 2x cm. The height x cm. The volume is: x (8 - 2x) (14 - 2x) cm ^ 3 = x (112 - 28x - 16x + 4x ^ 2) = x (112 - 44X + 4x ^ 2) = 112x - 4x ^ 2 + 44X ^ 3 cm ^ 3.

Square cut diamond engagement ring â € "â € ~ New In-Thing € ™

Let's talk about how the cut is achieved and what are the popular conceptions of the range of square cut. Weâ € ™ ll also talk about how you can choose the best cut square stone of her engagement ring.

The concept of square diamonds available for trade is a recent phenomenon. There are three sections in this category have gained tremendous popularity.

â € ¢ Princess Cut
Emerald Court â € ¢
â € ¢ Court Asscher
â € ¢ Cut Radiant

Princess Court is one of the most favorite pieces of diamond engagement rings. The brightness of the court, but not as much as a cup, perfectly complements the metal used in the ring, and the look that comes with a platinum diamond princess cut Golden Ring / White is an exceptional elegance. Princess cut diamonds tend to be perfect squares, and gives a burst particular stone. There is also a special category called as diamond company, the princess, who are among the best of the best pieces diamonds in the world. These calculations are only the top 0.05% of brilliant-cut diamonds in the world, and are in demand excellent year-round. But stores of our regions are often not store these beautiful stones. Best place to find online, from a site known as www.diamondsonweb.com. Thus, you can easily identify a princess cut diamond, think of an inverted pyramid, with four beveled sides. The cup has been around since 1970.

emerald cut is the most popular, and is a part you want to make clothes. jewelry designers around the world use this court as appropriate any type of design. The easiest way to recognize an emerald cut is rectangular and rounded edges. The stone is generally more smaller than other jurisdictions, and if you're on a tight budget this is the diamond that you choose â € "without sacrificing quality. It not a cup, and that means you can see the layer behind the layer of stone. It is a very popular cut for diamonds of color too. As the princess cut, not perfect signature diamond collection and Emerald.

Unlike other cuts Weâ € ™ ve mentioned here, Asscher cut is not a general reduction of the diamond, but a style that was introduced by a family of diamond Asscher appeal based in Amsterdam in 1902. Because of the ACTU € ™ s popularity, which was adopted by the diamond in the world, and the name stuck. This decline has been fashionable for a long time, but it is presented in the program and watched â € ~ Sex and the City € ™ back in fashion. Recognize the court, seeking a cut square emerald cut corners. Diamonds in the site also offers magnificent stone Asscher cut signature.

The court has recognized the final cut radiant. A very popular cut for sparkling jewels, you can recognize a radiant cut diamond a combination of the shape of an emerald cut stone and the brightness of a round cut diamond. That is why this cut is very popular when is used in jewelry sparkling.

These are the four most popular squ0are clipping rectangle and diamond. Depending on the shape of your engagement ring, you retrieve the stone for you. To help you do, there is a special â € ~ design your online ringa € ™ role of diamonds in Web. Here you can test the different stones and see how fit into the ring of your choice.
Square Go!

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