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The single ring princess cut diamond

The ring of modern princess cut diamond is the result of over five hundred years of refinement of the technique and science of diamond cutting. Princess diamonds take the molecular structure of natural diamonds to create the maximum sparkle and shine, which is technically called "fire. Princess cut diamond rings are much more the fire that most courts traditional throughout the year.

Two pyramids

If you can visualize two pyramids joined at the base - a polyhedron of eight faces, or octagon - you know what diamonds look life when they first leave the ground. The reason relates to the form of carbon molecules that form crystals of diamonds. When jewelers finally learned how to cut the substance, which was simply following the natural shape of the stone. princess cut diamonds represent the pinnacle of art of diamond cutting.

Three years of study

Princess Cut Diamond appeared nearly thirty years and has been innovation a diamond in Los Angeles called Israel Itzkowitz. Before that time, the stones used in diamond rings have been round cut "- with equal cuts on the face of the stone - or "straight cut" - which means that the four sides were long and the other four was short, so that the face of approaching a diamond rectangular.

A diamond ring princess cut is the result of three years of intense study by Itzkowitz in their attempts to achieve a cut that combines the best features of both round and square cuts.

Current Style

princess cut diamonds, also called "modified square brilliant," are the most popular today the second choice of diamond engagement rings and other jewelry. Both the traditional white wide range of diamonds color represent the majority of the Force and the diamonds are sold in bulk today.

One reason for this princess diamond rings cut are quickly gaining popularity not only for his virtuosity in comparison to other denominations, in fact, is the best way to cut a diamond. Of all the cuts of diamond, princess cut waste at least the original stone, so retains much more than their original weight. For this reason, these parts are cheaper than similar rings around cut stones. Around him, a diamond ring size princess represent the best value of the jewels on a per carat.

About the Author

Jonathon Blocker specializes in diamond engagement rings and princess cut diamond rings. He is a consultant for GemFind.com, a trusted name in the jewelry industry since 1999.


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