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Quilting Question: triangles of measurement?

How are you? I know that a triangle is half of a square, but I would like a more specific response. I need to know how to take some action because I want fabric kits and patterns to sell to people I do not know if we assume that far to one side or if you measure the bottom of things. I'm confused. LOL. Thanks!

It depends if you need one and half square and quarter square triangle, it depends on the location of the edge of bias when they are sewing the pieces. You never want through an exposed edge, so when you cut a square diagonally cutting edge bias is a bias. In general, half square triangles cut a square that is 7 / 8 "larger than the finished square. In other words, if the square of his unit and a half (two and half square triangles sewn) is 2 "when sewn into the last block, and 2 1 / 2", where all triangles are sewn together, you need to cut a 2 7 / 8 "square, then cut diagonally once. For the quarter square triangles, cut the squares 1 1 / 4" above the finished square. Again, if your quarter square figure (Four and a half square triangles sewn together) is 2 "when sewn into the last block and 2 1 / 2 "when all triangles are sewn together, you need to cut a 3 1 / 4" square and then cut diagonally twice. Personally, I prefer cut into squares of 1 "larger than final size, sew my half square triangle units by sewing on the diagonal 1 / 4" in the center of each side, then cut through the middle to create two units of half triangle. I press open and then cut to size. This gives me very precise HST units, and I never exposed edges of bias because sewing before cutting the diagonal. For the quarter triangle units, single units to both sides of HST right sides together, then sew on the diagonal 1 / 4 "Each side of center back, seat, and has two quarters square units. In this case, usually cut the squares 1 1 / 2" - 1 3 / 4 " larger than the finished product and the square base of size after sewing.

Top 10 Christmas gifts for girls in 2009

Looking for Christmas gifts for the 10 girls in 2009? There are many interesting toys there that promise fun for all girls! Toys that encourage children to use their creativity to make or create something truly make excellent gifts. Now look at the toys for girls top ten who have a little fun cooking serious -

1) KidKraft large kitchen

Little Heads can be unleashed against the delicious dishes with the help of KidKraft large kitchen. This kitchen even your dreams of colors is designed for young children and is equipped with all sorts of gadgets. You will find a cooker, microwave, refrigerator and kitchen utensils etc. to help others to play a very convincing to believe session period "cooking" in the kitchen. guaranteed hours of pretend play of imagination!

2) Playset Barbie Style Lounge
The girls play in your own living room with nice playground where they can mate Salon Barbie Style Barbie Style! The girls have stylists star brightness functional sink to wash the hair of Barbie. You can run your hair and create the hair with the most amazing tools always fun.

3) Make your own lip balm
Girls who like to design their own line of products Beauty can be a good start with the kit of your own protector wounds. Watch them smack their lips on the lip balms flavored fruit. Whatever you need to do is mix tastes delicious with a flexible base for lip balm achieve its original "lip balm" online.

4) Friendship Bracelet Kit
Would you do things? If she is artistic, she'll love a "Friend 2 Friend Kit 'to help you create the best friend and valuable band bracelets. The kit has everything you need to start from the silk trade and pearls.

5) I Love Horses Shrinky DINKS
If your daughter likes horses, then the kit will make its DINKS Shrinky wheel of joy! It can create a full set of horse on the theme with her jewelry. It is my everyone's favorite Christmas gifts top 10 for girls in 2009

6) Alex Toys Super Knot A Quilt
It is a gift that is sure to become a memory. quilts to the realization can create a family heirloom to avoid knots and cords all places under the fleece. Comes with simple instructions and a model.

7) Fisher Price Dora Doll Links
The doll will be your ticket Dora links the online world of adventure! The doll can be connected the computer and makes girls within hours of interactive play - solving mysteries, helping friends and generally having a good time in the online world Dora. Women like Dora customize the appearance of the line and thus give a new look to match your game

8) September Butterfly Tea Cart
Let your host your own tea party with this lovely butterfly tea set that comes packaged in a beautiful basket away. A great gift for girls love to play host!

9) Barbie Girls MP3 Player
Looking for a MP3 player with attitude? Go to the Barbie Girls MP3 player. It plays not only music but also offers a wide range of modes and custom accessories. Girls Can also be used as a key to explore the world Online Barbie.

10) Barbie My First Skates
The inline help girls to look ultra-cool and skate around. It's great for the beginning skaters too because it has training wheels for balance and can be adjusted for a variety of sizes of shoes.

These are the 10 best Christmas gifts for girls in 2009, which regularly receives rave reviews.

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