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If the recovery of a bottle of soda, the carbonation better if I stay with the bottle to remove excess air?

Let's say I had two glasses of soft drink / soda / plastic bottle 2 liters of coke. If I shake the bottle a while I screw cap, because there is so little air in the bottle as possible? (After a while in the refrigerator, carbonation escape any pop Thus, while the bottle is "inflated" by the next Once you use.) Is it better to leave the UN press bottle so that the carbonation has less room to expand on it?

You should do exactly the opposite, allow more air into the bottle as possible. Carbonating the liquid until the pressure inside the bottle prevents more CO2 to escape from the liquid (equilibrium). If you stay in the air as much as possible, less CO2 escapes from soda to balance the pressure and soda fizzies more.

Tattoo Process

When the big day, surprises are not welcome. When a customer walks into the tattoo shop to what he leaves, he is a typical process is practically a script in the minds of many tattoo artists, and help a prospective tattooee know in advance what the means the script.

Several stages of preparation involving the workstation, equipment and pigments occurs and can mean time Waiting idly research devoted to Flash or see someone else do a tattoo. The design is prepared with a transfer or stencil.

The skin, whatever the body part that is at issue is shaved and given an alcohol swab. A scheme Temporary ink design is placed on the skin surface and check in a mirror. All these steps take place before a single part of the tattoo starts.

This article is designed to relieve the anxiety naturally each new experience he brings and poses nude demystify this. Know exactly what to expect, in the order that is likely to occur, and the amount of time likely to last, can make the difference between a frustrating and rewarding experience.

This article advises tattooees some of the potential regulations involved, their responsibilities, responsibilities of the tattoo shop or artist, and requests for payment in advance and sign contracts. In addition, prospective tattooee learn that tattoo artists have their own expectations and the achievement of these can To an even better experience and better tattoo.

Before arriving

You have done your research, make all your decisions and have an appointment ... which, without an appointment? Part of the decision process was to pick up his tattooing someone whose technical competence and artistic the confidence with which it maintains a relationship, a person of trust. Does it be in the store that day or not? Assuming that yes, he or she is busy when you arrive? If this is the case, will wait? How long? But why leave this to chance? First of all, then you must do before they arrive at your tattoo is to have made an appointment in advance. (This is not as stimulus of the moment, as some tattoos, tattoo Cottage is not perfect.) The second thing to do is take a bath or shower. Whether you've had your bath for a week or more, clean and presentable. They do not come directly from the gym with your workout clothes or having to dig trenches under the sun was burning. Your tattoo artist will sit near you and work with your skin. Do not give a reason to hurry.

In your list of things not to do before your tattoo appointment is taking aspirin or alcohol. In both cases, the blood becomes thinner, making it more bleeding and, possibly, poor wound healing. In the second case, however, as poor face to appear. You walk into a tattoo artist instead of work and creativity. Is this how you fix someone to reach their place of work? Save for later consumption, when his friends to leave. In addition, you would not miss the opportunity of one party your tattoo experience. When you look back, you know you have won your tattoo the way millions of people thousands of years.

Clothing suitable for the placement of your tattoo, which has already discussed the tattoo artist. If you know you are getting a tattoo on his arm, then bring something without sleeves or sleeves that can run pretty high. If you receive something in the leg and wear shorts. If you receive something in the bottom of back, then wear a shirt and pants that you can lift low enough or may be lowered considerably. If you receive something in the back, Girls, consider wearing a shirt with buttons that can lead to back and left open the hack. All tattoo shops at least one bathroom where you can change clothes. tattoo shops are also areas of privacy more or less. The front of the store is almost always a chair or two, but in general there will be an area that insulates you from the sight of people on the front and the general public looking flash. If you have questions about what would be good to wear, ask your tattoo artist. You do not want to wear clothes (such as summaries or a pinch) that leave an impression on the skin area exactly where you are planning to have a tattoo.

With all this in mind, do your best to wear comfortable clothing. No complicated the question on the use of something that you can not breathe. Consider the possibility that some streets may get ink on your clothes. This happens not all the time, but it happens. Some people who are doing a very large tattoo on several sessions, even has a certain set of clothes used to make tattoos and even can bring your own towel or pillow for comfort. For most people get their first tattoo, however, is probably what would be totally useless. Or even remember to bring your fur to hear.

What to

Make sure you bring a piece identity with you, no matter their age. According to local regulations, many tattoo shops have a contract you sign. As with any contract, you should read it. Unlike the majority, will probably be fairly brief. You can expect to obtain liability issues (for example, reactions allergic to the inks are not the responsibility of the tattoo artist) or the minimum legal age for tattooing (different regions).

In essence, the tattoo shop and tattoo artist will limit the amount of liability that are willing to accept the things I can control: an environment sterile, job satisfaction, etc. They will not take responsibility for things they can control allergic reactions, data and details of how your skin heals. To sign a contract with you, you should know who you are. Bring identification will be used To this end, and verify your age, if you look closely at the legal limit.

Bring your money. You spoke of your design in detail with the tattooist. Once the artist has seen the design, and who knows how big it is and where in your body goes, he or she can give a price. Body parts will change the price, since some parts of the body simply means more work and time for the artist than others. You know what forms of money that will: Cash, checks may be (but we must ask), and credit cards. Make sure you bring enough for the tattoo and the end, if you Thinking of giving were satisfied after the final product. You may be prompted for the tax front, so you can be sure you have the money.

Arrive on time for your appointment. Not only is friendly and good business practices, but also helps to have as much time as possible for your tattoo. There may be several times higher. Even if you is time, however, be prepared to wait anyway. The Tattooing is a people business and people can be unpredictable. Some customers may need more breaks during tattooing process of tattooing as others, or you can just take things a little slower. Others simply sat, sitting like a rock, and when you rise. Of course, even if everything is time, waiting in the preparation is part of the normal process.


The following scenario may be a general guide, since most definitely vary from one place to another and from one artist to another. But in general, it is very is what to expect.

When you arrive and are greeted by your tattooist, he or she will confirm the tattoo you (the design, placement, colors), see your ID must sign the contract, then take your money and make arrangements. You can see, you see a rash, or you can probably see someone else get a tattoo. You may have seen it all when he made his grand tour of local stores or looking at your tattoo portfolio as an artist. Its artist is currently underway to create the artwork for the outline of his tattoo design, except already. A simple version, clean, black and white outline of his tattoo is drawn or traced. This paper could waged against his body for the position and investment, helping the final process of vision of how your tattoo will be finished. You do not type of ink or tattoos in the area where you get your tattoo. Once the sketch is finished, the tattoo artist to make a transfer scheme essentially copying the special transfer paper.

At this stage, tattoo artists prepare the work area by cleaning the chair or a table with a disinfectant. They can also use a transparent film to cover the same areas. Then they will do the same thing with the surface on which his team is based, again wiping with a wipe with a saran Wrap and put disinfectant, especially in the area all that might be particularly sensitive (such as energy supply for machine tattoo, for example, if you happen to be located on the workbench, you do not want to get liquid on the miller). At some point in your artist Don sterile latex gloves. It is worn at all times when touching the skin or anything that touches the skin. If the artist has to answer the phone or get more ink or whatever, he or she should wear gloves every time before sitting for tattoos.

Computer then takes the work area. The tattoo machine itself, unopened packages of sterilized needles and tubes, and a disposable razor is placed on the worktable disinfected. You will be asked to assume the position to sit or lie down, which is appropriate for the placement of the tattoo. Before the transfer can last, your skin will be cleaned with alcohol, with new tissues or cotton balls, and shaven. Whether you're a boy or a girl or what part of the body we are talking about (because there is no hair everywhere While it is difficult to see), your skin will be prepared by the removal of hair body as possible with a smooth shave. The artist will own (city area with alcohol and put the outline of his tattoo, now in the transfer document Special contact with moist skin. When the transfer paper is removed, it leaves behind a purple border on the skin of your artist used as a guide to create the outline of the tattoo. You should check in a mirror with a hand mirror, as well as those of the wall if you're on your back. What we see is an approximation very similar to how you finish your tattoo appears in the context of the rest of his body, although far from the black outline and shadow erase transfer ink. Also, do not worry if the transfer appears dirty. It is not permanent ink and serves only as a guide. If at this stage, you want some something has changed on the location, size or design, it is time to speak.

If the transfer is good for both, you asked to return to his position. The artist then creates a palette of inks. In general, a new paper plate or tray used to maintain sterile ink will be used for your tattoo. Inks are stored in sterile plastic bottles with conical points. tattoo inks to be dispensed from these bottles into plastic new covers and disposable. A large number of petroleum jelly can be placed on the plate with a sterile spatula wooden plugs can be dried So in it, stick to the palette. The top of a bottle of ink is removed and wiped with tissue paper, ink and pressed directly in the small glass on the palette. Although this process can be repeated later, in general, an artist put enough cups to prevent ink Tattoo whole if small. Then, the bottle cap edge and repeatedly wiped replaced. The palette with vaseline and inks will be available office.

Once the pallet Instead, it is time to load the needles into the tattoo machine. If you do not see the ink, not the most important what to do it in front of you: the opening of the retort pouch. The tubes are first separated from their bags and housed in autoclaved the opening of the tattoo machine. Many artists have favorites among the individual driving styles and probably their own tubes, adapted to their machines, and can be purchased and make their own needles and (welding rod needles). The needles are removed from the autoclave bag and inspected by the artist with a magnifying glass. They are inserted into the tubes and attached to the machine.

Finally, the machine is connected to the power cord, which usually a foot in it for the artist to turn on the tattoo machine and outside, hands free. Once the computer is turned on, the artist can play with or food, and hear him buzz clear voice so loud that normal conversation is easily heard. However. When machine is running, to the satisfaction of the artist, he or she is wet machine running in the first cup of ink (usually black create the schema) and you know things are about to start, and could be a feeling of light.

The style of tattoo individual to interact with the client varies fat, but that is why we spent some time considered first. In addition, many tattooists will change their approach and style and adapt to the needs of their customers (for the first time a client may need much longer than the repetition "offender"). They can offer a time to reconsider the tattoo before you start ... or not. You can ask if you're ready to begin ... or not. At this stage, or anytime really, if you feel nervous or anxious, it's perfectly natural. Let your artist knows. Helping artists to hundreds even thousands of people throughout the process of getting his first tattoo. Because you are engaging in something that will be displayed permanently your skin for the rest of your life is not uncommon for the realization come to you at this time. Instead of worrying about the pain that you are concerned your decision. However, the point this book is to make sure that you have done your best to be ready for this moment. Anxiety and nervousness are only part of the tattoo, which is part of the ritual in a sense, and part of every important ritual in the most universal. However, if you are serious doubts, tell. If your instinct is that you make a mistake, then stops. Tattoo artists have seen it happen as well. You should feel good about what you do in the big picture, even if you nervous at that time. If you must cancel, then do so before the program begins. There is always another day.

Suppose all systems are go. Your tattoo artist can start with a little line, just the schema, and then see how you were. Do your best crowd to move, but do not hold your breath either. At this point, after the first bit of the plan, and now I have the experience level of pain. It is pain, if you have experience as a burning sensation or a rubber band snapping against your skin, which is likely to suffer for the rest of watermarking process according to the size and complexity of its design. It is a pain that most tattoo clients describe as moderate and manageable. Many Clients first tattoo at this point really relieved to know that all this tattoo thing is certainly feasible. A smaller percentage bite the bullet and start an exercise breathing. However, if you decide that the pain is manageable, then your tattoo will proceed, remove the tattoo machine briefly to more ink. Pauses longer than the needles must have been changed (different configurations of the needle are used for different parts of the design) and also to change the colors of ink (usually achieved by flushing the needles in the clean water in a small disposable cup reserved this purpose).

His job now is to sit like a rock, or squirms without flinching. Go and talk to if you want, but do not complain. Most Tattoo artists are very used to interact with their customers during the process. If you need to shut up, like when making the eyes of his pin-up, I you'll know. Generally, your tattoo artist so you will know when the plan is presented. Most people find the outline more painful the shading follows. When you move the process of tattooing, however, perhaps you need a break, perhaps for the inconvenience, may change position, or simply for smoking a cigarette. Perhaps your tattoo will be a pause, and to take a phone call or see a customer who left the store. If you want a break, then ask for one. It is part of the routine. Your artist wipe the excess ink and fluids, smooth in Vaseline, and you can get and check work in progress and have a little water or snuff smoke. The position where you sit or lie down for your tattoo can not be as comfortable. However, your tattoo artist should get the right angle to his skin to the tattoo as well. Be as comprehensive as possible be tapered in an uncomfortable position. Tattoo repetitive strain injury battle as carpal tunnel syndrome as the world.

The party is over

Well, despite how much he would like the massage hot needle to follow, over time your tattoo artist said that his tattoo is finished, as they entered the Zen of it all. Finally got up and looks over the tattoo in the mirror. Do not be surprised if your skin is red and slightly swollen. The lymph and blood is pulled up slightly. The colors often appear darker and more contrast in this first stage when the tattoo is completely healed. The red swelling of the skin is one of the participants in this sense, darker. In addition, the epidermis is full of ink, so, but we know that eventually the layer of the epidermis is replaced by a new light, as before. As you look in the mirror, however, that you see is more or less his new tattoo and how it will look for many years to come. If you've done your homework and you've chosen your design, location body, and the artist, then you're probably not looking at any tattoos, but the perfect one for you. Regardless of the size of your tattoo, which joined the tribe in all that you can join. Welcome and well done.

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