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I found a gold bracelet with an unusual mark on the inside. It looks like a "h", but it is a square with two points?

The bracelet is a polished smooth, the interior is where I found the mark, they told me three different PPL is a true piece of gold jewelry. A friend has two rings, a golden yellow White This marks inside. But also appropriate in carats. Does anyone know what this brand is? I tried to search my writing and even many different ways have had no success in this brand! Thank you very much!

means nothing

How do I know if an autograph is authentic?

Today, fake autographs are everywhere, especially on the Internet. While eBay and other sites Popular auction have been busy trying to take action against fraudsters autographs, counterfeit pass through the net. If you a person who collects autographs and signed memorabilia, chances are that you are a person very passionate and are very interested in a person In particular, an event or activity. If you bothered to collect pieces of memorabilia signed, there is nothing worse than finding that the autograph is in fact a fake. This is very disappointing and disheartening that comes in. It could even be made to gather. It can be very difficult to tell a fake from the real deal. Violators produces false autographs are improving all the time, and if you do no experience or knowledge of the ropes, then you can be easy to catch. You can really disappointing to see later that was the fraudster. However, there are certain things you can look for help in the search will be fraudulent autographs. Sometimes fake autographs are mechanically reproduced. Experts recommend if you run your finger over the signature on a photo and if writing lie flat on the surface, then it could be a fake. If can feel the texture of the ink on the top of the image below, this suggests that the ink was added later. Even then, the signature could be a real fake. You can check it against the actual signing celebrities to search his official website that fans usually have a signature official. Here are some tips on how to detect a forged signature on a photo, but a piece of memorabilia signed as a shirt or a hat can be very difficult to assess whether it is false or not. This is because the tissue absorbs the ink without leaving a raised appearance as photographs do. But Experts say there are clues in the ink visible. It can actually be trained to detect the most obvious signs of forgery, and it may be desirable to serious collectors will not be disappointed by crooks. If in doubt seek advice from a professional. Have a few ways to detect evidence of counterfeiting and will be able to answer yes or no. Sometimes fake autographs are produced using a rubber stamp, but the stamp is used, all the ink is applied at the same time, and pressed the edges of the gum. Experts say that when the manuscript is put under a magnifying glass, you can actually see that there is more ink on the edges of lines in the middle. This is a classic gift of a stamp was used, and the autograph is a fake. Other scammers use a printing machine for business. With this method, the greatest gift is that all the ink is applied at the same time and the result is a good effect. Normally, when a company produces hand with a pen, cut the wet ink pen, the cycle of letters. This creates "bridges" and "tunnels visible when placed under magnification. Another popular method to produce false autographs is to use a road. This machine uses a pen to replicate handwriting a person. It is believed that the royal family operating machinery depend on roads for its full list of Christmas cards. The freeway can be detected in the control you can see that splash when the paper first contact autopan and another point where the road leaves the paper. This is not related to the normal production process a handwritten signature. Although there are a lot of scammers are selling fake autographs to make a little money, there are also companies that sell the genuine signature 100% authentic. Memories of origin is one of them. They are a family business with a catalog of more than 6,000 pieces of signed memorabilia. If you are interested to buy some souvenirs, why not authentic , Click here to visit the site today. About the Author


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