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Can anyone tell me the importance, if any, of the mark area of the United States on China That would be years?

My Chinese is cream colored with gold-rimmed, red floral decoration in the center and three points on the perimeter. It is the U.S. stamp Zone Germany 1794. I know a bit about 1794 and a little more about the king of the authorization to Prussua responsible for China to use the royal seal. However, I do not know the significance of the area American. Does anyone know what the brand represents the area of the United States this year, and potential value, if any?

When Germany defeated, the Allies had occupied areas in China was occupied by the United States. The British, French and American area became the Federal Republic of Germany and Russia became in East Germany until the Wall fell and unification. You can find products with the East and West. Now it's just Germany

creative alternatives for bridesmaids bouquet

As your bridesmaids in March went to her wedding it is likely to be something good to hold in your hands. Usually, it is a bouquet of flowers, but in reality there are tons other options. Here are some suggestions for innovative solutions for the bridesmaids bouquet.

You give your bridesmaids to wear on your wedding should reflect the style of your wedding. If you keep this in mind, which will open your eyes to all sorts of possibilities not traditional. Consider the message you want and what will look better with the bridesmaid dresses, your wedding dress, and place of the ceremony. Some alternatives would be the perfect industry in one place, but seem strange in another. Everything must flow together.

If your wedding will be outdoors this will give you some great options not mix. In a hot summer afternoon, fans of fine paper or silk hand painted would be delightful. Better yet, it will be great. You can choose a floral pattern or a best Asian style decorations for the other to his marriage.

Another thing that can bring bridesmaids are umbrellas. The old unit has done a great return in weddings in the past year, particularly in the South. Umbrellas are feminine and beautiful, which makes it a natural choice. They also have an excellent support for photos of the wedding. Just be careful not to associate with frilly dresses, that the end result may seem too much like a dress from "Gone With the Wind."

Some of the other hot alternative ideas sector to move in the opposite direction. In an urban loft wedding, one of the most modern trends for bridesmaids is that each carry a pocket chic instead of flowers. It seems incredible with bridesmaid dresses and ultra modern mini. Best of all, the claws are also handy. Each child can lead to different, if all looks good with their bridesmaid dresses. Some of the best options are printed silk, or metal alligator bags.

However lavish weddings, the bridesmaids should be fabulous. Imagine the wedding fired four pins in silk dresses bridesmaid rich jewel tone glass of sparkling bridesmaid jewelry. In lieu of flowers, which are carrying bouquets peacock feathers created from color and drama. The colors of the feathers are tied in perfectly with the tones of dresses bridesmaid jewelry and jewelry glass. The look is pure fiction, and totally unforgettable.

Brides who like to mix old-fashioned romance has excellent alternative to consider for your bridesmaids: apples. Apples are round green balls suspended Band Nice. This would be especially nice for a Christmas wedding. Make apples with pine branches and decorated holly leaves and red berries. The result will be unique and festive.

Once you start thinking about it, there are many creative alternatives to typical bouquets bridesmaid. Choose a theme aids unconventional Takeaway is a wonderful way to put a personal touch to your wedding let your imagination take over and design something really special.

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