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Red-Eyes bridge to help please?

This is my friend I play the game Frist trying to build the bridge red eye, a power. can you help? must be in tip size. Please rate 10.1-Monsters-3x 3x 2x Dragon's eyes glow red in the dragon's cave houses Prime material dragon 1x Double Dragon HA 1x 1x 2x 1x Jinzo Coston chicken red eyes red eyes darkness 1x 2x 1x Behemoth Twin Fire Directed white horned dragon-Day Magic-2x 1x 1x 1x Sentences storms Dragons Mirror Oven Fire 1x Inferno 1x Monster reborn 1x MST 1x Stamping Permature funeral destuction 1x 1x 1x swords summoners art lighting vortex 1x Birthright Emergence-trap 1x 1x draining shield Hero conversion laboratory level Sakuretu Armor 1x Magic Cylinder 2x 2x did not have much money, so they are out of STEP DAD Question please help already built the bridge, you just need advice on wat reach ect.

One of my favorite bridges that was implemented in the cloisters can help me main idea is that I want to call the dark dragon that must be ready to remove it and protect it. Get rid of Jinzo or it will not be able to use her and traps. 5 high powerd by Eys monsters keep black and dark red dragons Ness in. To pitfalls that should have an armor and shield magic cylinder sakuretu drainage. should be added hole trap and a card that will help protect the darkness of the Dragon, who can not even master of dragons in it. another of my favorites is the vortex of wind Weasles their defenses are weak, but can not play magic or trap cards opponets for the ride. I would like another Dragon attracting some other support cards Gyroid Jethro because this bridge is not yet forty card and get rid of some of the magic cards.

Time Capsule Renaissance to the Baroque

Time Capsule Renaissance to the Baroque

Research Writing by: Michael J. Spindler of local successes

As a young cultural anthropologist avid fiction, the author is seeking to find a missing time capsule. The contents include items allegedly from the Renaissance and the age Baroque. The Renaissance is divided into two periods: the Renaissance around 1400 1490, and the High Renaissance, from about 1490 to 1530. Era Baroque covers two centuries, from 1600 to 1800, and is known as "the age of contradictions." Both periods have grown through the expression that affected the religious climate, social and political times of their respective periods, which continue to resonate in time. The impact of these periods drama continues to transform our society through the constant evolution of the expression affects the basic institutions like beings human aspirations in new directions. The discovery of a time capsule may shed light on the impact of key examples of how the world's time, both culturally and socially.

The day of discovery arrived. Does anyone have a lever? Although a bit dusty the first element that seems to be the time of the Renaissance. How can you tell the author, at first view? A large quantity of works produced during this period was religious. Our model is presented to a performance of "The Crucifixion". Using a tempera on wood, Artist Konrad von Soest (Web Gallery of Art, s / f) was an architect of assets over 1394-1422. According to records, the artwork was created in 1404 or 1414. Why are religious art forms so dominant in this period? The beginning of the Renaissance was also a time when the Church Roman Catholics and religion have dominated the earth. Affecting all aspects of the life of political motivation, the social hierarchy, and of course, for slaughter any ideas would be contrary to the religion by man. Surprisingly, the Renaissance has also shown an explosion of photography and self-portrait. A true jewel for all collection of art in general, describes the people in areas rich in his time and a vision of how life was lived. The next time the reader has to do a portrait, take a moment to explore the surroundings of the person represented. Illustrated in these works of art are several clues about the lives of property, and the attitude to be determined. The artists were also known for including elements that have was symbolic of the aspirations, life and blessing with anyone in the picture.

The next element of our time capsule is an exhibition of the Baroque age. The extraordinary piece is "an angel Free souls in purgatory. "(Web Gallery of Art, s / f) The artist, Lodovico Carracci, who painted this work in 1610, is a representation of an angel sent from heaven to save lost souls in purgatory. This is an example a large volume of work performed during this period is the proliferation of discoveries and other sciences that gave the world new ideologies that were in direct conflict with the church. The age of the Baroque represents a slow start for people to take empirical data, and gradually withdrawing the ideology of the church that were once considered the law. This move played by fears people of damnation and artists' perception and interpretation of time representations made by the most violent of the two religious icons and masses.

The first Renaissance has seen an explosion of music development, which paved the way for the modern musical structuring. More compositions the time were intended to be sung, "during this period of four main types of compositions are highlighted: Masses, Magnificat, motets, songs and secular French texts. "(Organ, 2001) by Guillaume Dufay (1400-1474) was known as the greatest composer of time. Using a technique called "Word Painting" in which music is used to express the meaning of the written word. " Dufay, in many respects, paved the way for composers to come imagination and ingenuity greater use of musical composition. "(Organ, 2001)

The age of the Baroque saw a new evolution of music in what is now known as classical music. Epic explosion expression through complex musical structures across easily on the emotional power of auditors, and once you agree to the listener, the music could embrace the public in the highest peaks and deepest sadness and despair. In no other means of musical expression is this more evident than in Opera. Opera is the culmination of vocal expression through dance and weave a tapestry of sound woven accompaniment contributed to a scale mass. In the Baroque, Venice has been known as Music City, which houses a number of musicians who are still living in time. In the seventeenth century, became pioneered the opera was the name of an Italian composer Claudio Monteverdi. "The best example is his latest masterpiece, The incoronazione di Poppea (1642), exceptional in that its protagonists are not ancient Greek gods and heroes as had been customary until then, but the real people, and not that good triumphs over evil. "(Bender, s / f) The importance is again an art form is used to move the company the influence of religion, and to celebrate the individuality and importance of new ideas to empower people.

Early Renaissance unique architecture of previous periods in that instead of a rehash grandiose architectural style, the direction of the architects of the time invested in reinterpretation Greco-Roman themes and building principles. The influence of the religion of the time also played heavily on this interpretation and has become a shade famous architecture of the Catholic Church. In 1404, Filippo Brunelleschi began his career as an architect. Long considered as the "father of the" Renaissance ", was the architect Brunelleschi first use mathematical perspective to redefine Gothic and Romanesque space and to establish new rules of proportioning and symmetry. (Saalman, 1993)

The beginning of the Renaissance is considered a time of a period of transition from medieval thought of an existence limited to one of enlightenment and oneness rights. The early fathers of philosophy may be started in Greece, but the new values and interpretations found new meaning in the era rebirth. "Practical education has been revolutionized by the recovery of ancient documents, the rejection of institutional authority, and renewed emphasis on individual freedom. (Kemerling, 2001)

With the development of technologies to mass produce the written word. The Literature, once only for the rich and the church, gave birth to the explosion of ideas and progressive thinking that has prompted the company further. This form of media has greatly changed the course of history, the promotion of the lighting changes and promote in all aspects life. Once an idea is in the hands of people with easier access, class revolution will continue.

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One investigation and written by: Michael J. Spindler of local successes

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