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Homework Help, 5 minutes to do, the answer! following questions?

1. Jill had $ 4,456 in the bank, but spent $ 2,684 a set of new LCD TV. How about that in the bank? 2. M. bought nine head packs 50g packets of peanuts and 150 g of almonds 8. How many less than 2 kg nut was? 3. Ken moved home to work and 48 km to 48 km each day. If he works six days a week, how many miles would be the trip of a month four weeks? 4. Patricia is $ 12 plus $ 15 Rhoda and Sarah. Together, the three are $ 87. How much did Patricia? 5. Harry a collection of 1,246 stamps in two albums. If the first album had more than 146 seconds stamps, how many were on the second album? 6. On the side of Planet Atnep 5 1 to Penta, a slope equal to 5 and 5 pentagon pentagon Pentags equal to 1. Therefore, the number must be equal to a pentagon pending?

I'm not even my own work I will not do that, but Google Translator for gram and kilogram and those things will be much easier


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