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Does anyone know what to Ducks Unlimited?

I have a black lab puppy statue mouth duck call. It is approximately 19 "x 9 "with his head down and play stick in the air. The label on the bottom reads" First Call for Bradford Williams Ducks Unlimited limited edition 2598/4000. Any idea of what it's worth?

Here: It was in Google's cache, so I do not know how long it will remain in place:%%% . cgi 3D8154152 3Fse 26tp 26bm 3DBR%%%% 3D9647669% 26pg% 3D1% 26kn %%%%% 3DCBW052B 26ab 3DA + 26kp 3DDUI0107293 22Bradford Williams% + +% 22 +% 22 + 22DUCKS unlimited lab + Puppy hl = en & ct = clnk & cd = 2 & gl = us but it seems that someone offers you $ 105 for it at auction. You can also keep an eye on eBay see if a similar article in place and how much people are willing to offer.

A collection of stamps Overview

philately has become one of the most loved sport of people around the world. A patch contains a time piece and a piece of place and why people love their collection. Stamps can also be a hobby very cheap and is one of the main reasons why people join the shopping philately.


The first stamp was issued by Great Britain as a using pre-pay for mail distribution costs. The first seal of the story was published May 6, 1840. Sir Rowland Hill came up with the idea stamps within the standard postal rates Great Britain.

The first stamp was called the Penny Black. It has helped eliminate certain problems that are associated with delivering mail. Twenty years after the stamp was introduced, has become so popular in the world, 70 countries have adopted system stamp.


Stamps essentially born when the first stamps were issued. In 1860, there had thousands of collectors and businessmen restore services according to the wishes of these collectors. Stamp Madness has swept Europe and the European colonies in the world. People in different ways stamps collected. Some of them even had to respond to their rooms with sheets of stamps were issued.


Businessmen are niche of philately. They opened the business that meets the needs of collectors. They started to sell different accessories collectible stamps, including books of stamps, hinges, coatings, etc. is also specialized in the sale of stamps. The oldest company specializing in the sale of stamps and supplies is "Stanley Gibbons in London. It was established in 1856 and still growing!


Philately is reaping continued popularity. United States, about 25 million stamps postcards. Worldwide, there are approximately 200 million stamp collectors. There are about 125,000 stamp dealers, manufacturers and Other companies that are related to philately. There are also many associations, clubs and organizations related to the brand. There are also performances and exhibitions about 4,000 of the coupons in the United States each year.

Care labels

Many collectors of stamps in the house albums, and especially as coupon books. The stamps are inside plastic Special prevents damage. These plastic bags are generally made to minimize contact with the joints. Other supplies such as stamps and videos magnifiers, which are useful in the management of seals. The value of a postage stamp is responsible for maintaining their status. A scratch on the label can make a stamp value.

The means of collecting

Several ways to collect stamps. People collect stamps according to their country of origin or as the period within which they were issued. Some people like collecting stamps as a sub-theme, such as collecting stamps that contain cartoon characters or maybe your pet. Fees Harbour Philately is not limited to collecting stamps itself. In general, the stamp refers to the collection of material compared with labels such as stamp covers, envelopes and stamps containers themselves.


Collecting stamps is not exactly the same as philately. Philately is often associated with stamps, but in reality, is the study of stamps. A collector stamps are not necessarily a collector and a collector does not need to be a philatelist.

Economic activity

Philately has generated substantial gains for small countries to create limited edition stamps. These joints are designed to attract and collectors are made with profit.

Future of Philately

Some people argue that the stamp collection is coming to an end because the arrival of various communications systems of high technology such as e-mail or by e-mail. However, nothing would beat a custom e-mail that comes a friend or family member. People do not stop sending mail and parcels to others. And although the need for postage stamps should reduce the need stamps will not decrease. People are more interested in collecting stamps in particular in the event that becomes more and more difficult to find.

Collecting stamps should not be spoiled by too many rules and restrictions. Although these seals may actually be a way to earn money, the real value of stamps from the pure pleasure of giving in the abduction.

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