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The delivery of a note is a beautiful gift for both the giver and the receiver. The therapist has a precious moment to remember something unique and positive person you give the note and the recipient gets to feel the moment, to feel special, unique and worthy. Often, these notes inspire a person at the right time. While e-mail and text messages are fast and fantastic, the note is a sweet way to show love and gratitude in the world hectic in which we live in.

We live in a time of instant gratification, they want to know something, all you have in your phone Cell. Wondering what your friend thinks - just mail the mail and ask. Would you tell someone what has happened, text or Twitter to burst the world to see. We're the wrong time, compassion fatigue and the need to love us.

This is where the notes of gratitude and recognition in - to give, you open yourself to receive. If you do find may be time that you have more time, show you love and receive love. This is a matter of attraction. The delivery of a note of joy to create a different and a pleasure for you and what needs world is much more joy. I bet you did not know that the note was humble bearer of such an abundance of good!

A note is a very personal way to send a message to someone. It sends the message that you care, that you take the time to put the pen, you can buy a stamp and mail the note. Everything is done with the knowledge that you can never know that the note was received or how the person reacted when they got it. It has an air of mystery and just giving without expecting anything in return. But likely to receive after giving a very high grade.

For example, I recently befriended with a couple who seemed to be a nice thing to do. I was invited for lunch and I enjoyed myself and I wrote a note thank you, put it in the mail and went with his life. Barely three weeks later I received a call from the woman, offering a valuable and useful gift that did not need him anymore. I was impressed by the offer and gladly accepted. Later, I realized that my own gift thank you note was in his gift to me.

Now I am not suggesting for one moment that you arrive at the reception in mind - quite the contrary. It is the law of attraction if you are grateful, positive and grateful, which is part of sending a note, is likely attract the same yourself. The delivery of a note, after all, an expression of love and gratitude. When writing a note thanks for identifying the qualities of the person you are grateful. It is very likely that you also have those qualities or aspire to be them. This is one reason why it can be seen by them to begin.

By putting it into words, do two things: first, to show gratitude to another and the second is likely to say something positive about yourself. These are the actions of a happy, loving, generous and giving. When you in this state is more likely to attract to yourself. It's like the law of attraction works.

For years I management teams trained to provide notes of appreciation for their staff and employees have invented an interesting and different receive Thank you notes. During this time, I knew that people kept the notes were given and treasured in memory of a special moment.

The delivery of a high note is a gift for the giver and receiver to step up the challenge of finding something special every five people you know or come into contact with. The spin off of the note paper is that time becomes less critical and more appreciative. Now that must be a good thing.

Oh, and just a reminder, an e-mail or phone call, so delicious, is not just made. A note is a note is a note and just make a note.

Have you been blessed by a note? How do you feel?

Brenda Campbell, BA Health Science, has extensive experience as a Coach and Mentor and is now also a Personal Development Business Advisor. She assists people to make their dreams of financial freedom and a time rich lifestyle a reality. If you found this article useful, go to Brenda's website to find out how to get started with your own personal development program or business: =>


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