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what skiing or snowboard company will send me free stickers or poster?

I would like some skiing or snowboarding stickers or posters

Companies To E-mail

Send an e-mail to the company, and remember that sucking up may get you a few more stickers.

Sample E-mail

Hi (Insert Company Here),

I am a skier from (State) and love your company! I was wondering if you could send me some free (Company Name) stickers? If not, how would I go about getting some (Company Name) stickers? My address is:

Town, State ZIP

Thanks for your time,
(Your Name)

Spy Optic- usually sends a good amount of pretty cool stickers. I have some pretty cool logo stickers and a bunch of others from them.

Armada- They will most likely e-mail you back telling you to send them a SASE, but you can try to e-mail them anyways.

Line Skis- Most likely send you an e-mail telling you to send an SASE

4FRNT- 4FRNT sends out a bunch of cool stickers.

Dynastar- Dynastar sends some cool die-cut stickers, and remember that Dynastar, Look, and Lange are all the same company.

Obermeyer- Obermeyer sends some old school stickers, but you can't complain, they are free

Dragon- Dragon sends a few decent stickers

Nordica- Nordica sends some pretty cool die-cuts

SASE Companies

For those of you who do not know what an SASE is, it is a Self-Addressed Stamped Envelope. You get two envelopes, and address one to the company, and put postage on it. Then, you address another envelope to yourself, put postage on it, and put it into the envelope of the ski company. Do not seal the envelope with your address on it.

Siver- Send some regular Siver stickers

Attn: I’m Dying For Stickers
102 Kimball Ave
S. Burlington, VT

Line Skis- Sometimes they only send a few pretty bad stickers, but if you get a good stuffer, you should get a bunch.

Line Skis
4201 6th Ave. S
Seattle, WA 98108

Rossignol- Regular Rossi stickers

Rossignol USA
1441 Ute Boulevard, Suite 200
P.O. Box 981060
Park City, Utah 84098

K2 Skis- Send a few cool ones, but takes a while after you send out your SASE

K2 Skis
Sticker Request
19215 Vashon Hwy SW
Vashon, WA 98070

Salomon- Make sure you mention that you are a skier so that you don't get snowboard stickers, but if you suck up to them and maybe put in a few bucks, you may get a huge package of schwag. I got 2 DVD's, a bunch of stickers, 2 ski posters, and a lanyard.

Salomon North America
Attn: Sticker Guru
5055 N. Greeley Ave
Portland, Oregon 97217

Dakine- Regular stickers

Attn: Sticker Request
408 Columbia Avenue
Hood River, OR 97031

Volkl- Again, send a bunch of regular stickers

Völkl Sport America
ATTN: Stickers
19 Technology Drive
West Lebanon, NH 03784

Scott- Send a letter and ask for stickers.

Scott USA
PO Box 2030
Sun Valley, ID 83353

Smith Optic- Send you some die-cuts and logo stickers if you ask

Smith Optics Inc.
Free Stickers
PO Box 2999
280 Northwood Way
Ketchum. ID 83340

Whistler- Send Whistler stickers

Attention: Ryan Proctor
Whistler Blackcomb
Whistler Blackcomb
Blackcomb Way Whistler, BC. V0N 1B4

Websites with Stickers

Some of these are just "Contact Us" pages, but send an e-mail on those pages to get stickers. Others are forms to fill out.

Freeskier- Send an e-mail asking for stickers on their page

NewSchoolers- Tells you how to get NS stickers

It's mostly skiing companies but they all work

Fenton Carnival Glass

The popularity of carnival glass collection has been revived in recent years. Contemporary pieces are readily available at bargain prices. However, the harvest carnival glass is actually what is popular with collectors. To provide useful information American art form, I will discuss the history, manufacture and value of the art of stained glass.

Carnival History Glass

Century 19, Tiffany & Company and Steuben Glass Art has produced a beautiful glass hand-blown iridized has been popular with customers fortunate. This glass was designed and sent prices extremely high. In 1907, the Fenton Art Glass Company began mass production of high quality and low cost of glass iridized, similar in appearance to objects made by Tiffany and Steuben. Fenton Glass iridized was available in several colors, including red sole. Fenton was not the only manufacturer of glass iridized, but it was the largest production of stained glass in more than 150 employers.

Because of difficulties economic Great Depression, glass iridized lost its popularity. Inventory This glassware was then greatly reduced and most often given in cereals and promotions in supermarkets. In addition, the glassware was sold in carnival games, hence the name later, carnival glass.

The popularity of glass iridized resurfaced in the 1950s with collectors and antique dealers, It was during this period has been called the Carnival Glass. Today, Carnival glass is made by Fenton and several other companies.

Other manufacturers of carnival glass

Fenton, Northwood, Imperial Glass, Westmoreland and Dugan are only a few companies they have made carnival glass. Some of these manufacturers stamp their pieces with a distinctive mark. However, most other manufacturers do not have the occasion of his departure a few vintage goods can not be authenticated. Today, because of high manufacturing costs, some of these manufacturers continue to exist.

What Vale Carnival Glass?

Harvest Carnival Glass built in the early twentieth century is by far the most valuable and sought after pieces. The color and condition play a major role in determining the value. Chips, cracks, signs of mold, repairs, loss of value. If an item is a rare like aqua is more valuable than an element of concern which is abundant. The red glass made by Fenton Carnival is very rare, and often a great price high. Carnival glass bowl sets of punch, because they consist of several elements, are sold at a premium if you meet all the parties.

traditional places such as markets chips and antique shops have been the main source of vintage carnival glass. Today a look on eBay for thousands of vintage advertisements and Carnival glass at the best price. Remember, garbage is another persons treasure people.

It's so ironic that at a moment in time Fenton carnival glass was so common could hardly be given. Today, some parts Vintage to sell thousands of dollars. However, if you spend much time looking for this beautiful glass, is likely to find bargains.

About the Author

Ross is a collector of vintage Carnival Glass. If you enjoyed reading this article, please feel free to visit our website, Carnival Pottery Glass and find some great deals on Fenton Carnival Glass.


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