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Can I use somthing other than an ink pad rubber stamp impressions?

I can not find an ink pad enough great for a big rubber stamp that someone gave me - about 4 "X6". "I can use paint or something else? where I use a highlighter, the thing is dry. is a hour drive to get a great platform! All locations LOL mail that are good?

Good news! You can use an ink pad to ink a big small label. Just turn the stamp on the back and press the ink cartridge through the gum until well coated. You may also can be better with this stamp buffer left in the back and on paper at the top of the ink stamp. Gently press the paper, then remove the paper upright. You can experiment with paint on the stamp as well, but be careful to clean well after the paint dries in the nooks and reduce details in his review. If you color with markers, "Huff" on the patch before using it - ie, color, and then blow on it to re-wet before the ink stamp. Try to fly in patch after having signed with an ink pad too. You can also use many other media seal - Flicker H2Os, alcohol inks, ink and chalk Versamark, embossing powder, bleach, two or three colors of ink, etc - see what I mean on this page: HTH!

How to make your special printing notes

Pad printing is an essential tool for any business or organization. It is a subtle marketing strategy that presents the image of a company, while being very useful for taking notes.

You can do several things if you want your pad printing notes is very special.

You can ask some special options when you use the services of a print buffer. A basic printer launch could know exactly what are these special options you might want for your laptop. These special options give your personal notebook visual quality that makes people read and use more of them.

Pads with a glossy
First and how best to improve the look of your laptop and make it special is that they are printed on paper icy. Glossy paper can be a bit more expensive than normal pads, but its effect is the penalty for the price. Have you seen notebooks bright, stylish and professional seem "that sometimes seems like a shame to write it. After printing stamps So people say that you're serious about your hardware printed and should instill a little pride for your business or organization.

Silver or gold letters related
Another good idea for pad printing is to have your logo and other printed or woven in gold and silver. Well, it should not be real money and gold can be costly. However, companies can pad their characters newsletter or logos printed or woven gold or silver, like material shines when he is beaten in the sunlight. This allows your custom platform and a nice elegant finish, worthy of a King. This gives the impression that you spared no expense to provide your company with a notebook of high quality beautiful.

Notebook Scented
Finally, in addition to the notebook draws attention, why do not books that are "nose-catching" way? Notebooks and stationery fragrant aromas can have similar effects. Smell and memory are linked directly into our brains. People remember things by smell. If your computer laptop has some type of odor unforgettable for him, his book will have a significant impact for the wearer. People always remember that he received a note with a sweet and interesting.

You can even use it to their advantage in their industry. If you are in the food industry, you may want or that your cushions Fit with the smell of vanilla. For cosmetics and fragrances, a sweet collection may be appropriate. For other areas the scent of flowers and mint can also work. Just ask your company if they pad can print on paper fragrant.

So next time you invest in pad printing, why not try these special techniques to make your carpet memorable and special. A small investment in your image is not a bad thing.

Learn more about Pad or grade platform for the printing industry.

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