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"I can still use half-penny stamps UK?

I have a lot of 7 1 / 2 pence to 15 1 / 2 pence stamps to exhaust. Always add the appropriate amount (eg, 36P more IOR for the first class now) that I can still use for shipping? They have no value to collectors.

Yes, I remember, you can always use the legal seal Wherever decimal currency they are okay.

Stamp duty holiday brings Conveyancing lawyers demand

Each month, the number of mortgages has increased since the Land Tax Stamp Tax (SDLT) was introduced holiday. Now, public figures and industry calling for the party to be extended.

SDLT is a fee usually incurred when you buy a house on the value of £ 125,000. The government, under pressure to show decisive action during the recession, raised the stamp duty on houses land requirement is £ 175,000. These measures are designed to help homebuyers, people with low incomes and stimulate the market. So far work seems to be that the amount of mortgage loans has increased this month.

Solicitors is a national company that offers Wolstenholme transfer service. They settled in 1818 and remember the party last cycle, presented in the last recession by government staff. A spokesman for Wolstenholme's lawyers said: "The stamp duty holiday is good for rent business as more people buy homes. Anyone who buys a house need to see a lawyer real estate professional. "

When the government of John Major, reintroduced stamp duty on mortgages has declined, housing prices fell and the economy has suffered. Therefore Estate Lawyers Real Estate and appeals to the party that lasted until we Back in economic growth. Currently, supply is expected to end December 31, 2009.

  1. Lawyers Wolstenholme said: "It offers a good to take at this time. If you are able to buy, then it is a good time. Mortgage loans are rising again as people take advantage of this offer, as home prices rose. In addition, if you choose our Conveyancing Solicitors we can usually offer better prices than others because we are online offer a free initial consultation and have not be completed without charge. This means that you do not pay a penny if you do not complete the transaction. "

To find an expert Conveyancing lawyer in your area, visit

Bower Lucy.

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