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Where I can purchase a large buffer 5inch X 5inch and vegetable soy ink / for commercial application?

I stamp my logo, phone number and brief information with a rubber stamp in a recycled cardboard box at 100 percent. But we have vegetable dyes soy ink. Thanks in advance

Here is a link to my answer to the question posed here on YahooAnswers, and my favorite place to rubberstamps - ReadyStamps (... You get up to 9x7 "area total to be used for a stamp image or all images you can get in): http:// / question / index; _ylt = Ah02JzKW4d7vEz0ZoPSUL8YjzKIX; _ylv = 3? qid = ReadyStamps 20081022180749AAEFBdG is cheaper than most office supply stores, etc, to request custom stamps because they do not sell the stamp (s) installed if you do not want, and you can easily create your own permanent or temporary mounting for each stamp, if you want. (For special colors, I have no idea whether officials Customs approves also sell ink, but here are some possible ways to buy soy or vegetable inks: = "+ Inks soy "+" vegetable dyes + "buffer +" soy inks + "+" + vegetable inks) HTH, Diane B.

Make your business profitable printing

When you support small businesses, we can not assume that your company will be noticed by the Pure knowledge and service alone. There are dozens, hundreds or even thousands of companies that offer exactly what you provide. The main difference between you and them is their trademark.

Here I will discuss various traditional and modern methods for the deployment of profitable brand that can evolve from small time business for your company fully established. We first cover the checkpoint a few brands before you start.

Back to basics.

Often brand becomes so overwhelming for a society becomes less and less clear what the center Your brand image should be. If you concentrate on your message, your service or product?

Proceeds from the service, service in the message.

(Or not) as a surprise that many people think the opposite is true. Without the two preceding paragraphs has left the message of the event, "We want your money. "This is not really charming. Once you have created a solid product, the customer can trust that you can provide a service that can be branded.

Your company can get the mark to the target in a crowd means in modern times. An overlooked by companies again and again is any physical material that the end consumer may have in their hands. This can be anything from the actual product to any packaging or materials Product. In these cases, the best method for deploying profitable brand on the packaging material or reports can be made with a href = ""> rubber stamp.

Stamps are versatile and inexpensive compared to print it is a wonder why many companies do not use them as markup tool. For orders from the Internet address Seals are particularly useful. Although the majority of all companies, actually use your e-seals that do not use the mark in it. Personalization stamps with the logo on the label, consumers will be a sense of their products are subjected to a human hand, and not just "the Internet" thus linking trust with your brand. the use of the stamp is one of many essential tools in the process of branding profitable.

Complementing This seemingly small action you configure your brand in a unique position to be easier to recognize and remember. After rethink and study the possibilities the brand is evident in many different ways can be deployed and the cost to build your brand effectively.

The most important of all is to stay focused brand is there for people to remember, but also to trust you, their products, services, and its message.

About the Author

Nick Toffolon is a stamp branding and ROI enthusiast covering statistics and design for self-inking stamps. He currently enjoys toying with various methods and mediums for rubber stamp brand deployment.


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