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Introduction to Stamp

The stamps are used by millions of people daily yet few of us give them any thought. The take for granted, seeing them as mere functional objects. It is true that there are functional objects, but not only. Ask any collector Stamps and he or she wishes to be the seal is much more than that. In the case of stamps used, many of them tell a story and reflect the time and the mood of the country in which they were issued.

Let's back for a moment and talk about the history of stamps and how it occurred. It is commonly accepted that stamps were introduced at the time the UK in 1840 with the stamp of the currency black. Was a class revolution, because it means that the sender had to pay the fee for postage and not the recipient as before. Shortly after the seal of two pence Blue has been issued. On thing to note is that the UK is now the only country whose name is not on their seals.

As you know, philately is a worldwide popular pastime. Some people prefer to look brand new stamps, while others prefer collecting stamps used effectively serves their objectives. Some, of course, does not discriminate and collect them. There are many different types joints. Some stamps are issued for the collection, use instead of cards. Let's take a look at the types of stamps available and their characteristics.

First, is the final seal. It is simply the common seal any denomination can be purchased at the post office. These patches often symbols of the issuing country. They generally begin with the smallest currency unit and up to fifty to one hundred times more postage ordinary. Collectors looking to collect the names of a series finale.

The commemorative stamp, as its name suggests, is a stamp issued to commemorate an important event, person or place. Some are published each year, the first day problems that occur usually where the location associated with the person or event.
Illustrated joints, also known simply as illustrations, stamps are representing a representative of the landscape of the country of issue.

Tax stamps are stamps that are not intended to post (although some stamps could be used for revenue and postage), but the collection of taxes. These stamps are older than the reality of stamps. The stamps are issued by the Ministry of Finance.

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