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My yugioh deck # 2?

fire cure terrible price for two giant black hole recharge trunade charm sentenced strengthening the army February 2, inexperienced spy sparks storm carrying out charity hinotama graceful insect barrier legendary sea monster reborn scapegoat dimesional sword + shield crack break Stampin baou Flamberge evil malice spread destruction to lighten the load blade Sord Ojama Delta merger Dian ojamagic independent HURICANE Keto recovry black soul fusion output bridge traps dark world hammer throw: Shadow Shield spell 8 ArrĂȘtĂ© Eye 2 has just published the purification had three pot increase the chances of successful pop greed Horn of Heaven 0 simultaneous light metal detectors drainin Sord xing zhen hu Shield force to deal with the ghost next to lose an enchanted javelin Miyabi spiritual fire art a wind elemental Kurenai Jamer zero magic crusher trap hole mergers: Ojama King Cyber Twin Dragon

hey awesome! you should try to make a theme of play. are much stronger than reg. bridges! 9 / 10


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