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Can someone help me make a law students in South Asia T-shirt design!?

I asked a friend to help design a T-shirt for its law school in South Asia department. They wanted a text that resembles its state seal a logo to reflect South Asia, and a picture showing something about the law. This is what I have so far https: / / ~ Prasadar / shirt.jpg can anyone suggest anything else? It would be helpful! THANK YOU!

It is works with a good design criteria had been given. My only problem is cleaning the elephant. The rear legs do not look right and the elephant is a little different scales. You have to figure a solid object completely.

Tattoo chic fashion and Asia

Asian Tattoo is one of the very popular and the most common tattoos that are used in the world when it comes to body art as a whole. Although there has been a dramatic change in trends and perceptions about tattoos in different societies, tattoos are still stereotyped as a seal to be different from the society. Those who wear tattoos were taken as disciples of the individualistic approach often labeled as rebels. For example in China, tattoos were used to tread a prisoner of crime and to differentiate it from the civil and criminal cases. However, the contemporary point of view is quite the opposite. Now tattoos are a sign of being "young", "creative" and someone who is "passionate" life.

Between all types of tattoos which we speak is, Asia is a popular tattoo is expressive and elegant at the same time. There are several categories representing different themes. For example certainly speak of femininity that may seem different to different people, is some whimsical sweetness, for others it may mean a quality of elegance and feminine style, the other may still have a sense modern strength and power. Feminine tattoos are an artistic representation of both a certain amount of delicacy and strength that goes along with getting any piece of body art.

Tattooing is used for various purposes, including spiritual and decorative use Japan. Not regarded as one of the most important types of abstract art that includes works from its plain language. There are new concerns as one of the coolest brands in the body all the time. If abstract images to decorate your body, people are now turning to the relatively young advanced Asian culture of tattooing.

On the symbolism and meaning of tattoos in Asia there are opportunities endless what kind of tattoo would be appropriate for the type of person according to the property you want to discover or improve upon him / it.

The concept that the influence of India is a little less often. One reason may be that he says are more abstract type that represents nothing in the photographs. However, they are equally impressive and significant as the body art can be found elsewhere. These parts are generally Henna selected styles and models may vary from small to develop spiral floral motifs, generally do not include symbols of animals, hands, eyes, or religious emblems. If you find a religious meeting tattoo describe Asia not only symbols, but the specific theology, such as Shiva, Hanuman, Indra, or, just to name a few. It seems the popularity of the concept of tattoo Maori occur in the short term, but explains that the meaning of her striking beauty, elegant, timeless style, apparently much deeper than increases your beauty with its design, but including small, never leave unlikely the death of the art clean.

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