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Duck stamps have not signed vacuum dated June 3, 1970, 1971 and 1972. Anyone know what they are worth?

These Migratory Bird Hunting Stamp (Stamp duck): l) Negron, the cost is $ 3, no later than June 30, 1970, 2) Ross's Goose ($ 3), no later than June 30, 1091 3) Teal ($ 3), zero after June 30, 1972. They were issued by the U.S. Department of Interior. The signatures were needed for hunting. They are in very good condition and are not signed. Any information would be appreciated for what could be useful.

The catalog in the range of $ 40-65, with the elderly are most valuable. This does not mean you can sell for much. Catalog values tend to be a little high - most dealers sell stamps catalog value less, which means they have to buy for much less than the catalog value. You can learn more - This is a commercial site, but a lot of interesting information.

Recognizing rare stamps

Believe it or not, invest in rare stamps is normal. In general, the collection and the collection of rare stamps is a hobby which is best appreciated by art collectors.
Incredibly rare stamps are investments that are tangible in nature. Compared to the art too are a good investment and nice especially for fans.

First things first, the point is that seals are very rare, very rare for good. But what makes a stamp rare?

Some of the reasons and circumstances that makes a stamp that marks all rare, expensive world would.
The mother of all rare stamps

Believe it or not, there is the stamp that would be considered the mother of all rare stamps and probably stamp so that - if used - would be one to rule them all.

The stamp costs a penny is British Guiana. This seal is considered today as the rarest stamp in the world, since only one of this kind has been done. This seal was discovered by a boy from school 1873.

Another valuable rare stamp called the Penny Black, who is also considered a very rare and valuable for collectors.

Father all collectors of rare stamps

A man named Philipp von Ferrary, who lived during the years 1850-1917 has been considered as the collector of all collectors, when he was collecting stamps from around the world.

Ferrary, as he called him by his clients and most began to claim the hobby of stamps when he was young. Since he has been able to inherit a fortune, made search of his long life to buy stamps that are rare.

On January 15, 1915 in Berlin Postmuseum relegated to their libraries. But as he was an Austrian - who at that time lived in France during the First World War - which left their record at the Embassy of Austria and Switzerland, where he soon left for dead.

Post World War prompted the French government to confiscate his collection. Since then, the stamps rarest have a stamp of "the former Ferrary" in them, because almost always, the stamps may have belonged to him.

Rare stamps are in a cupboard

You know you possess a rare stamp when you pursue people for them to be back.

It is one hundred and fifty thousand dollars of United States stamps that a judge has granted the original owners of the liner when it was discovered that was included in the office Robert Ganter bought in a store that sells used furniture.

Ganter find the original owners discovered after publishing an advertisement in a catalog of stamps for collectors and offer for sale.

Buy rare stamps is a snap

So how Am I supposed to buy a few stamps when they see it? The best method is simply to buy the best tone that you can afford.

The recently introduced new rare stamps in Asia
From April this year, the stamps are the birds of Vietnam, especially pheasants, partridges, and the country has been launched in the Vietnamese Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications.

These rare stamps from all the people who live in Vietnam, with a Fine documentation of how the birds in the country to prosper. Birds that have been included in the label include a partridge's neck is the color range of its scientific name is Arborophila Davidi. Other birds on the stamps are hatinhensis pheasant Lophura or more popularly known Vietnamese.

Why these birds are in this series of stamps? First, put your photos on a stamp is a way to immortalize their existence, as currently are considered endangered. Their populations are slowly declining due to habitat loss and hunting.

What stamps represent What then? The series also aims to show the diverse lives and special birds that live in Vietnam.

In short, collecting rare stamps is a recreational activity and pleasant and interesting to do, especially if they are your cup of tea rare stamps.

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