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I live in Suffolk County, New York. Does anyone know how I can get public assistance for my fiance and our two children?

In particular, I'm looking for housing assistance, Medicaid and food stamps. Thank you all.

Suffolk County DSS, 3085 Veterans Memorial Highway, Ronkonkoma, New York 11788-8900, (631) 854-9700 Riverhead (631) 852-3710, Haupauge (631) 853-8730 Success

The famous stamp collectors

Here are the collectors and fans of celebrities who have made life breathes life and works of philately.

Carl Pelander

He was a man of the city of New York who lived from 1893 1966. His expertise was Scandinavian stamps as he has collected these items when he was still young. It was in 1937 when he started trying to stamp auction. Since then he has held 130 auctions from 1940 to 1963. The stamps that usually comes from Scandinavia, where the collection of Fabergé Agathon "was included, and Caroline Cromwell.

Believe or not, he was also responsible for the sale of the famous collection of a U.S. Ferrars H. Trailers

Thank you to his experience, he published a book entitled The questions after Finland. He was also able to produce a list of stamps, including those of Denmark, Iceland, Greenland, Norway, Finland, West Indies, Sweden.
Pelander has also been able to form the stamp club who are Finnish and United States in 1935. The club is now known as the Scandinavian Collectors Club.

Editor club Pelander product, El Posthorn 1943-1949 and financially, even helped the club at the time difficult.

Philip Ward Jr.

He was a man from Philadelphia who is best known for buying and selling Stamp large and rare. Many auctions have been made for him, where the materials were obtained from the deletion a number of valuable collections.

His most famous collections were stamps from the United States were not the letters from presidents, presidents of autographs, the postal history of Philadelphia, etc.

Another of his most famous collections of U.S. per capita income which contains a complete set of facilities that are reversed. Incredibly, he also had a stamp collection of the called and medicine.

William W Hicks

Hicks was in Pennsylvania and was an expert on U.S. stamps issued by three hundred years 1851 1857. He founded the unit of three percent. William Hicks and built the most comprehensive collection of door rail of the United States during their stay.

George Ward Linn

Ohio was a man who was most famous for his weekly news seal made on November 5 1928. Since when he was young, he was able to edit and publish journals philately, case studies, including up his retirement in 1965.

Linn was the son of a publisher and printer. During his working life collections of stamps, also auctioned for stamps. He was also interested in the philatelic literature in 1902 also came with the philatelic literature.

George Linn has supported a large number of clubs and societies, beginning with the seal of the Stamp Club of Columbus. He was also responsible for a given location Ohio, where the American Philatelic Association holds its convention.

Harry Weiss

He was a man from Illinois and was considered the most widely read columnist for the time stamp.

He wrote a regular column that provides advice, stories about the love of philately.
During 1946, organized Philately Laboratory Midwest offering a host of services to collectors, as Farm verification expertize trim.

Louise Boyd Dale

It is considered by the United States collector of the stamps most distinguished. His love for philately began early in his life thanks to the influence his father, who is also regarded as his mentor.

There were many collections she has built, especially those of Asia and Africa UK. Most of his collections have been placed under the foundations of their daughter, Anne Boyd Lichtenstein. Now they are available to collectors and students to follow support research on philately.

It was in 1956 when she became the first woman judge at the International Exhibition of stamps, also known as FIPEX.

In the same year, also became the first woman in America to offer his signature on the list of distinguished philatelists. Four years Later, it was included and made a member of the International Philatelic Exhibition in London.

In short, it is no jurisdiction Philately or a special talent. Only a passionate, if not a healthy obsession with labels.

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