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What is my knife worth Texas Ranger?

I have a knife Texas Ranger who gave me my grandfather made years. Is it the middle of the road 10 with the commemoration of Texas seal the wooden handle. It also has the 1823-1973 mark on the blade just curious if its worth anything?

Is the Smith and Wesson Bowie Memorial? If you have the wooden box that accompanies it is probably worth $ 150

Lanier Exotic Wood Pens - Certified COLLECTION € ™ s items

the true and devoted collectors are everywhere in the world. People like gather certain types of things often as a hobby and sometimes as a profession. They collect different things - all common to all weird. What All collections can be, these collectors to ensure that products are important, valuable and could probably earn a lot I bet that in a future very close. In addition, each collector wants his treasure as something that might please.

Besides stamps, postcards and other items value seems to be the common choice as possible COLLECTION € ™ s items, pens are also some of the favorite items in the collection. Plumas Facts hand wooden pens, for example, earned interest and employer satisfaction meticulous. Parker style pens, meanwhile, are favorites yuppies who want to excel in their first job after college.

Rare and exotic birds, such as pens made by Lanier skills disappoints pickiest not a collector. What collectors are looking for are brand, rarity, crafts and, of course, longevity. All these characteristics Lanier pens can be found in hand turned wood source. Lanier Each pen is made by the hands of master craftsmen with experience would do wonders for transform a simple question, like a feather in a work of art.

Today, a common theme as a pen has been raised by the level and category of being a collector's item. If you are a collector or a professional manufacture in that, you know that the pens in hand wood are great assets to your treasure.

An excellent brand known around the world who share the same interest in a particular element is essential to be worthy of the label "Collection € ™ s" The subject. The mark "Lanier", for example, has his name engraved on the industry pen. Gold plated Parker pen style known that almost all the hardcore collectors pen. They know that, personally, made, manufactured and tested end-to-end ensure the masterpiece. Parker pens sold Lanier style can be defined as close to perfection.

Lanier also has gold-plated pens with exotic the value is sure to increase as they age. After all, the increase in monetary value should be the priority for collectors. Any alien, made exclusively with gold-plated pen tip and tires is safe to improve its value over the years.

If you want a rare item in the collection of pens, look no further. A hand wooden pens source Lanier is the perfect choice. wooden pen hand with a German Lanier Ridium 0.7mm pen there can certainly pass the rarity criteria especially if you ask them personally to integrate into their style.

The craft has been devoted to each feather Lanier said another entry in the collector's checklist. Each pen is Lanier hand near perfection. The master engravers carefully etch any collector's desire for your collection. If you want your own style or even your own name engraved on one of their collections, so no Lanier pens are not you. Of course, you will have your name on your pen be in a nice way.

By Lastly, longevity is an important issue before a point can be regarded as a collection € ™ s Point. An object is not worth call a collector's item if they do not last long. Lanier pens are made of rare wood, treated to last forever. Its metal spikes and advice on the facts of gold and other precious metals that should last a lifetime. Lanier hand wooden pens are a pleasure to write with both of them are produced by high-tech machines and latest techniques coating with the highest highest level of ink available today. Certainly, all the characteristics required by the collector pen.

Given all this, Lanier € ™ s really exotic wood pens can be considered COLLECTION € ™ s items.

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Lanier’s exotic wood pens can truly be considered collector’s items. Parker style pens , meanwhile, are favorites of yuppies who want to excel in their first job after college.


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