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Looking for the name of a quilt block pattern of stars.?

It has 6 points and a central block with straight sides that join at the base of each element.

The quilt itself may have several different names, and the same name can be applied to many different quilt blocks. If I understand the description of your property, you may have about a "block" Star of Bethlehem "or" Chinese model "in the Kansas City Star. You can see an example here: + + + Chinese 22pattern 22% original onepage V # = & q =% 20% Duvet 20de%%%% 22pattern 20origin 20chinese 22 & f = false Scroll to the 4609 model number. This is an excellent reference for quilt blocks titled "5500 Quilt block designs" by Maggie Malone.

Read about the manufacture of blocks and the borders of the craft

Once you select your bosses, blocks, models, etc. you'll need to prepare his canvas. You will examine how to organize your blocks, once they meet the amount needed to complete your project. Thinking its borders too.

You will need graph paper, since you will need to define how many blocks you need to complete your quilt. For First, you must also decide the size of the quilt you want to create and then you might consider adjustments.

To set your blocks, or organize the blocks can be considered as borders, sashing and cornerstones. Configuration diagonal is another style can be considered, and the whole line.

Sashing works the same way that two sets, ie limited to the configuration block against each other and organized in a line. Then, run the horizontal and vertical lines, which is your 9-patch scheme. Blocks in this case, they interact with points in three rows and three blocks. Use the block "to block" the steps above to proceed. To create a think visual of a box or a frame with nine lines and nine rows of a grid structure. Now add forms stars, the creation of nine stars three lines on its network. If you can see the network, you can get an idea of logging and the adjustment of good works.

Then add narrow strips in the corners and around the row of boxes. If you can see, you have created a network of points and / or bar. The model is designed to enhance your quilts overall result, however, you can add different effects to achieve their characteristics finals. You can create a quilt of this common grid, or you can pass under the open-mesh woven frame, crossing the lines until they form a pattern. Some craftsmen use geometric patterns organize the points.

How to diagonal patterns:

To create diagonal pattern, or the series will be organized, and to add units, placing them diagonally across his canvases, and points. The 45 working under plan and work on the side. "Point" is a small-blocks that are defined in the points.

Amid all the diagonal create triangles cover the middle of your model. You will need triangles, large and small, more lot located in the center, while the smaller batch adjust the corners. Slashing terrazzo or tape is optional.

In addition to slashing, right or diagonally, you can also opt for the vertical game, or joint tape. Artisans refer to the band strippy game. "The formation of the strippy easy. You simply place the blocks perpendicular to reduce pieces and divide the other pieces or narrow strips.

The medallion is another game that can take into account when making quilts. You creating half a point equidistant from the others. Then you can concentrate on the points in the center and surround with different styles of blocks, clearing, or the borders.

You can now create their borders. To start adding your borders blocks to reach the scale of its borders on one side. You need to take into account measures of brush and boulders. Example: Three square blocks of 10 inches and four bands one inch in width is equal to 34 inches. Once you have finished adding a room or a seam, leaving 1/4-inch margin on each side of the fabric. Now can move at the end of its borders.

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