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Do you think this wedding cake would be nice or strange?

Well, try to follow this k? I have no photo. The layers are square, but the curves are cut (octagon is a square-ish). The sharp corners each have a form of lattice points Bitty Switzerland. In each "diamond" this way is a flower. It all depends on the layer. This is a 4-layer coating on the sides covered up. Under this quilt is a point of Switzerland in each "corner" Level 2 alternating vertical rows of fresh fruit and chocolate chips. That has a monogrammed ribbon wrapped around it. in the middle are the pillars of the bubble in the middle and working miniature carousel over 2 floors. Layer 3 peaches and lime wedges alternately on top and side (that kind of look a "scribbling") between each side corner above starts with a star made of mint leaves. Layer 4 "I Love You written in all languages. The top, rather than a statuette, a plume of white roses What do you think of this?

Very unique! I love it. This is your cake, you can make it look like what you want.

Quilts from art auctions

Iâ € ™ ve traveled throughout California attending art auctions looking for quilts.  I was single I found many success. quilts as you could tell were filled with thousands of hours careful planning and stitching.

I attended art auctions in Orange and found a wonderful quilt. The bedspread was the era of civil war and was made in the design Stars. There was a beautiful warm red walls of plants as booty border. The center of the quilt was hand quilted feather heart.

The art auction I went to San Bruno had a fabulous quilt was done in 1860s. The quilt was hand applied cheddar, red and green cotton fabrics. The bottom was solid white and has a border of flowers vine. winding up has been really special.

I found a great quilt that was made in 1894 while an art auction Rancho Cucamonga. style quilt was really fun Quilt. Victoria was so called Loco handmade embroidery at the seams and boulders, was magnificent.

I was on vacation in Napa and attended an auction of art quilts. had several very good man that I won was in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and completed 1870s. I like the design called Ocean Waves. chocolate land chain was green and brown triangles that were constructed with the ability accurately.In very thin and the border and background color was hot orange cadmium,.

The quilt I found at an art auction in Paradise is a thin-1840s, the Quaker cotton quilted measures 108 "x 88" and 10 stitches inch. was a Quaker cotton wedding quilt. The upper edge, near the pillow had an original project and on each side and bottom borders with quilt blocks off North Carolina in every corner. There were two rows of lilies of North Carolina in the center, and a row of each side.

The quilt made its way into the auction art because someone has decided to sell some relics of great historical importance, which is transmitted through her own family. I was lucky to get this relic had spent by many generations Quaker families. Now I have one of the great masterpieces of Pennsylvania Quakers.

Hut logs have a design that I always liked. My grandmother made a quilt using this model for me when I got twelve. found a similarly to an auction of art in Los Gatos. The quilt was made in the 1870s and was made by Mennonites.

I was lucky to find the auction of art, it was difficult find. fantastic. The quilt is that light and dark design of this quilt has a red center of a side with two green bars, two sticks of cinnamon and two blue bars and two red bars and the other beside Red Square in the center of two yellow, two black and white stripes, two blue bars beautiful Lancaster, and two bars of the band mint.

There was Auction Art in Huntington beach blankets and announced I was very happy with the pieces that I found there. The quilt that I bought was a pictorial motif, like a patchwork album with a lot of interesting designs. Each block is quite different and special.

About the Author

Matthew Jenkins, is one of the treasure hunters at the Treasure Hunters Roadshow. If you would like the Treasure Hunters Roadshow to come to your city contact at 217-636-7900 or visit TreasureHunters Roadshow


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