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Is it true that there is no agreed maritime boundary between Iraq and Iran in the Persian Gulf?

Extract this site ... He is not Tues according border between Iraq and Iran in the Persian Gulf. Until current mad propaganda exercise last week, anyone found in at least a controversial statement. I cite, for example, stars and stripes magazine October 24 2006. "Knocking against the Iranians can not be avoided in the northern Gulf, where the boundary between Iraqi and Iranian territorial waters are not clear, authorities said. "No border Marina has been agreed by the two countries," said Lockwood. This is the Royal Australian Navy Commodore Peter Lockwood. He is the Commander of the Joint Task Force in the northern Gulf. ONCE THE UK and Iran must recognize that both sides are right, because of the blurred boundary.If British sailors were something that should have backup! Both parties must be very careful!

In 1975, there was an agreement between Iran and Iraq to resolve the water dispute, But Saddam did not accept, and the matter has not been inhabited since water so it has been questioned. The UK only should apologize for the intrusion and Iran must apologize for the soldiers and everyone can concentrate on their lives.

Independence Day 2010 Celebrate Family in Texas and Movies

Independence Day Texas welcomes the adoption the Declaration of Independence state. It is a vacation in Texas, USA, March 2. March 2 also marks Flag Day Texas and Sam Houston's day, but it is rather special leave commemorations.
flag of Texas, also known as the Lone Star Flag became the flag Official State in 1839. © / Francisco Romero

What do people do?

Independence Day of Texas place in many towns and villages throughout the state. The day is celebrated with festivals that include activities for children, recreation, bands, and chili-offs. Other activities include storytelling sessions on how Texas won its independence from Mexico and became a republic in the 19th century.

Some workers state government may choose to have a day off on Independence Day, Texas, which is a day of partial staffing. Many schools have classroom instruction and activities on the Declaration of Independence Texas during this time of year.

Public life

Independence Day Texas staff and one day in offices of the State of Texas but the opening is planned as part of personal vacation. They do not close on another day was designated holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday. Those who travel to places where festivals and celebrations take place large may need to check with the relevant authorities on traffic and parking conditions in these areas.


Independence Day commemorates the adoption Texas Declaration of Independence of Texas on March 2, 1836. This event marked the independence of Texas from Mexico. Sixty delegates from across Texas signed the statement. His language in many ways parallel to the Declaration of Independence of 1776 the United States, celebrated the Day Independence, also known as "the fourth of July. "

The Republic of Texas was annexed to the United States by a joint resolution of Congress nine years after the Texas Declaration of Independence was signed. The U.S. Congress subsequently admitted Texas as the state of components Union on December 29, 1845. Independence Day in Texas is a holiday in Texas. Sam Houston is also known for days on March 2, marking the birth of the man who led the Texans to victory over the Mexican troops in the Battle of San Jacinto .


Texas Lone Star flag became the official flag of the State January 24, 1839. It consists of a rectangle with an aspect ratio two to three with:

  • A blue vertical stripe one-third of the length of the flag wide, and two equal horizontal bands, the band white top, red background, every two-thirds of the total length of the length of the flag.
  • A white five-pointed star, regular center of the blue band oriented, then a point at the top and a size that the diameter of a circle through the five points of the star is equal to three quarters of the width of the blue.

Texas has several symbols, such as the Bluebonnet (State Flower), the Northern Mockingbird (bird state), and the lizard horns (state reptile).

State historic sites include the Casa Navarro in San Antonio, Texas. Was the home of Tejano patriot José Antonio Navarro, who was very influential in the fight for Texas independence. Another important site is the San Jacinto Monument in La Porte, Texas which is built on the real battlefield where Texas won its independence from Mexico.

Note: The above symbols and sites Historic are just a few mentioned in this article. Texas has more symbols and historic sites throughout the state.

On March 2, 1836, Texas broke off relations with Mexico and became a free and independent republic. It was a short-duration country: a little less than 10 years later, joined Texas Union. As any Texan will tell you, however, that streak of independence is still strong and deep thanks to our second state. And something to celebrate wherever you find them.


  1. Step 1

    Visit to Washington-on-the-Brazos, the Texas, where the independence of the Republic signed the Convention to life. It is now a state park interactive exhibits year prior art throughout the year, with lots of sleep happened during the week of March 2.

  2. Step 2

    Trip to San Antonio and visit the Alamo.

  3. Step 3

    See "The Alamo" with John Wayne Davy Crockett.

  4. Step 4

    Have a Happy Birthday Texas party. Suggest that guests come dressed as cowboys or freedom fighters Alamo, serve candy camp cowboy Tex-Mex grub Reading songs about Texas and the Texas jokes.

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