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Where can I buy watch/clock gears and cogs?

I've recently gotten into the Steampunk style, and decided to start making things Steampunk themed, to help expand on my Arts and Crafts business. If there are any shops I can buy them from, that would be a huge help. I live in Orange County in California.

Look for yard sale broken clocks that cost next to nothing. Thrift shops and second hand stores are a great source of cheap or broken and free alarm clocks and similar pieces. If it doesn't work and is free or cheap, you will feel fine tearing it apart for gears to make jewelry or buttons.

Another good place to look is to buy lots of small gears sold online on ebay or etsy. These are sometimes sold as watch gears to repair watches, but anymore are often sold for altered art supplies or specifically for steampunk fashion parts. If you search either etsy or ebay there are several thousand auctions and sales of steampunk items.

Honestly though there are lots of throwaway items containing cogs and gears and so on. Open up an old CD-ROM drive you are sure to find something in there. Floppy drives also have plenty of moving parts. Old tape decks and walkmen... Old VCR machines... These things I am sure you will come across if you keep your eyes open, and without needing to dive through mountains of steaming refuse (though I don't doubt its a great way to discover interesting things).

Lastly you could try buying broken watches, alarm clocks and clocks in bulk from a pawn shop or watch repairman as well as a few antique shops who will hold items for you. You can buy a box of broken clocks and watches very cheaply and they hold them for you or call you when they have some. You can always paint gears bronze or gold if you don't like their color.

Here are some links you can also try:,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=c0947ffa6dac6d3c,or.r_gc.r_pw.&ie=UTF-8&cid=18247533176973177527&sa=X&ei=9LaGTeKPC8600QHa_pi_CA&ved=0CH8Q8gIwAQ#

Good Luck, hope I helped!


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