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How to print screen - 5 reasons why you should use a photographic emulsion to make your model

If you print the screen, as a hobby, you may have tried several ways to create your stencil. Such an approach has become popular on the Internet is the method of filling screen. In essence, the method fills the screen is painting an image on a screen with a load that dries and turns into your model. Once the model is created, the screen is used in the same way as always with the print screen is placed on the fabric, the ink is loaded into the screen and a squeegee is used to push the ink through it. Wherever the holes in the screen have not been painted, the image is created.

While some may consider filling the screen simple and cheap it has several drawbacks:

1. It is extremely slow, in fact, most events of this method is less detailed, art simple.
2. When you make a mistake filling the paint can be very aggravating to try to correct.
3. It is tedious.
4. If you want play on the screen that has to do all the process again and it will never be the same.
5. line work and small characters are out of question fairly.

Fortunately, there is another method to create stencils on screens that solves all five of the above problems, and is also relatively cheap on a screen: the method of photographic emulsion sensitive to light.

Basically, photographic method is to fill all the holes in the screen of a photo emulsion (also known as the coating of the screen). A film was produced with the desired image. The film has two components, the light blocking and transparent part. The film is like printing final will air, if it is black and clear.

The film acts as a barrier to the light exposing the emulsion to light. The image on the film becomes the stencil on the screen, allowing the ink to pass only when the image is. The films are generally transparencies made in a role very similar to tracing paper or specially coated sheets of acetate that can be printed with an inkjet printer.

Although there are certain types of photographic emulsions, including films, hair diazo, photopolymer and dual-curing, light-sensitive emulsion is probably most useful for the type of printer you may want to fill the screen method is the double emulsion cooking. The reason the dual is a suitable alternative because someone who would use the screen to complete the method more research is likely to make an impression in the short term if they are using water based inks (less than 1000), want to display quality that can be recycled, and they want some not possible to create the screen so inexpensively.

emulsion coating Photographic screens is fairly quick and painless once you get the hang of it. Although there are best practices and advice on how to solve problems that can shorten the learning curve, but without much experience most people pick up quickly. The main disadvantage of the photographic process, is that you need a light source to expose your screen. Fortunately with the best set-up, you have a wide variety of choices including the sun.

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, including a crash course in screen printing, how to build a screen printing press, and a kit for hacking the Yudu.


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