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Is it possible to remove water from hardened acrylic sterling silver chain?

I have 20 feet of silver chain accidentally exposed to water in acrylic, while a floral arrangement. I did not know at the time, and now it is curly and wavy chain. Do I have to soak in the chain of money to get rid acrylic water? 20 feet Silver Snake chain is not cheap these days, and I really hate the idea of throwing money away!

Use acetone Cosmetologists (remover nail polish) to remove acrylic nails by soaking the nails. Maybe worth a try with his chain.

The hand of the basic jewelry making - What is a Crimp?

Good practices and closures pressing quality play a role important in jewelry design, but many designers to minimize these components play a role in promoting the most visible.

What is a treasure of jewelry?

As for jewelry, a "discovery" is a component of a finished piece of jewelry.

What is a parameter of jewelry?

A jewelry finding jewelry is a pinched or pressed to squeeze the tube to hold the results in a piece of creation jewelry or beads in place. Crimp, ball, Double-eyed and double hooks in all four forms of jewelry commonly used compression.

Jewelry accounts are domains with the hole through. When they are flattened, which are often an hourglass shape. crimp tubes have a uniform diameter and flatten into rectangle. tubing Crimp has a twisted spiral pattern cut into the tubes that could add patterns to crimp, but are flattened into a rectangular shape. To crimp crimping hooks and eyes have a hook or "eye" (closed) tube attached to a thicker metal.

How linkers used Jewelry?

Wire Projects

At the first use of crimping and crimp tube is to hold conclusions of accounts or alternating closures lobster claw and jump rings in the braided line. The end of a piece of rod is placed in a fold, a conclusion and back on the ledge before the subject is flattened with one of the jewels of pliers to-nose pliers or chain tongs, which are soft inside and to downplay the significant results.

Some use two tools for press alternates two steps and crimping magic crimper. The author does not recommend one of these two clips for the amount of work required to bend or damage caused by cable accounts underlying.

floating balls Projects

linkers are also used wire jewelry beads or chain starts "Float" in a style like pearls tin cup "necklace popularized by Rene Russo in the 1996 film of the same name. In this case, the tubes must fit snugly around the chain or wire beads. For example, the diameter of 1.5 mm or 1.1 mm in diameter (OD) as a linker chain of beads of 0.6 mm or cable .018 ", 0015" or .012 "diameter.

Crimp on the eyes and hooks

Crimp on the eyes and bend the hooks are ideal for a few pieces of jewelry, such as those using the pearl necklace or cables of 0.6 mm leather etc.. The ends of a string of beads or bone marrow is placed in the tube before the tube is flattened.

Wave height

The waves are available in a variety of sizes. Two son rod between .012 "and 0.019" should be able to fit (two time) in a diameter of 2 mm crimp tube, crimp larger tubes can not support tubes and cables safely bend do not fit small not the son through the tube very well. Crimping tubes 1.5mm in diameter may be more suitable for .010 "or .012" diameter wire. cords Fabric should try to check the retention crimps.

Crimp Equipment

corrugated tubes are available in many metals to match the primary piece of metal jewelry: gold filled, sterling and plate over brass. Crimp Beads are the most often available only in base metals. Crimp the eyes and hooks are often available in gold filled and Vermeil (gold and sterling silver), sterling silver certain metals. Crimp Silver accounts have the reputation of cracks are not considered in the tubes of other money.

linkers jewelry. but do not see, are important components of the jewelry. jewelry designers need to identify the highest quality setting materials and methods to keep their jewelry from falling apart. Quality of the last piece of time depends on the quality of the crimps and crimping practices.

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Paul Brandon knows crimps and writes for, which specializes in jewelry chain and jewelry components (in sterling silver, gold-filled, antique brass, antique copper, gunmetal, imitation rhodium, gold-plate and silver plate) for the U.S. market.


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