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combinations Garden Executive Information - container

planters full of flowers create an elegant oasis of summer on your terrace, patio or balcony. You can see them in your landscape. There are step by step instructions to copy the exact figures, however, is more fun make your own. Just experiment, it is easy to move plants in the garden or start next year with a different combination.

You can plant a container plant and keep things simple, then build three planters together for a great combination. Remember that plants need group the same amount of sunlight each day. Great combinations can be found when using three plants per container, but again they all need the same amount of light, soil and water conditions to thrive together.

To be more adventurous, here are some tips to create emphasis, balance, interest and share in your container garden. About share your pots, pans or container into four equal parts. We do not know who named these categories, but the work - "Thriller" "Satisfied", "accents" and "shed". Choose a plant in each category for each producer, the exact number of each depends on the size of your container. For large containers, you may want one or two novels, two or three fillings, one or two accents and two or three trailers. For a small garden pot, one plant in each category.

Walk your garden center and see what plants are part of each category. The police are generally higher and are often interesting in its container. The suspense is generally upright and add height to your plant combinations. They also add flavor and can be leaves or flowers. Start with the thriller, then choose the rest of your plants. Here are some suggestions for the movie thriller - Salvia, Herbs variety, dwarf cannas, purple roses, snapdragons, coleus, iris smoke or butterfly bush.

The best plants to use as filler are those with fine textured foliage and small flowers. They fill the mixture, but mainly to the foliage and flowers of his daring suspense film in the agreement. Examples of charges are as follows: Dusty Miller, Margaret Blue, scented geraniums, Pansy, flowering snuff, Ageratum and verbena.

Contrast or vegetable emphasis added an element of "wow" their combinations and often offer a very bold foliage. Look for leaves that are variegated or unusual sound light green and burgundy. They may also have large flowers that are a function of the plant in the container. Some accents may be: petunias, marigolds, Cosmos, or heliotrope.

Spills are easy to find and soften the edges of the settlers. Giving the feeling of excess or completeness from its container and can "overflow" into the pot next.

There are so many Spillers as Bacopa, ornamentals of liquorice sweet potato, more periwinkle, flower fan, ivy or carnation.

The best combinations of containers include a rigorous selection. Include a variety shapes of leaves and flowers with different colors forms of plants. The type of loans is of course its magnificent as geranium and plant thriller accent borders sweet alyssum and Lobelia with final sides of the pot. Be creative and make their own combinations.

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Marion Stewart is an avid gardener. She loves sitting on her deck surrounded by so many varied flower-packed and herb planted containers. Her continued research has found these spectacular fine quality resin planters and garden containers and offers them in numerous colors, sizes and styles. Find your best planter at the


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