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Where I can get sports bags end of the label? Hope this helps!

Cell Phone Water Stickers

Cell phones have become a part of our daily lives, not too many people these days not to their available nearly 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Whether you have one or not, but implying that these essential elements in contact with water is not a good idea, but some people do not understand is that your warranty does not cover this type of damage.

In recent years, has been a number of phone manufacturers to water damage stickers in the cell to determine if a phone was in contact with water. This solves the problem of making false statements to the manufacturer and get a phone line free, which is due to a defect in the phone itself, but the consumer honest, this may be a problem for those who live in areas subjected to high humidity.

It was found that moisture can only define those stickers off. A powder dye is placed under the label and when it is wet, the color changes from white to red tag. This makes it easier for a technician to reject a warranty claim due to water damage, even if no other signs of water damage are available.

If you are confident in their ability to eliminate the electronic and putting them back together, you should be able to locate these stickers inside the phone and covered with a piece of satin ribbon United States. Would you do if you have humid summers where you live and you do not want to buy a new phone if stops working for some reason the water.

The first label should be located near the battery, but the second is deeper inside the phone and is probably in the circuit itself.

You on your cell phone in the water, remove immediately and remove the battery. If adapter connected and plugged into the wall, unplug the adapter and do not put your hand into the water. Remove the battery, SIM card (if your phone a) dry and abroad was as fast as possible.

To dry the inside of the phone as quickly as possible, put in a bowl of uncooked rice at least overnight. Do not power on the phone until you are absolutely sure that the interior dry. The electricity that passes through the issue while it is wet which will harm, not the water itself.

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