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Do you slap inflammatory bumper stickers all over your car?

BQ: Why is it important to you that I be made aware of your rather extermist ideologies?
BQ2: Why are these things always pasted on such decrepit looking vehicles?

No, I wouldn't even let the car dealer put his name on my vehicle when I bought it new. He was pissed, but I told him that I wasn't going to drive around promoting his business when I didn't know how he was going to treat me after the sale...and the brand of the car I was driving was going to have to be good enough...unless he wanted to pay me for the privilege...

A thought-provoking question, for sure....I certainly have my causes, but I volunteer for them, and donate money to them...I just don't paste their bumper stickers all over my bumper, and suggest others take on my cause...but then again, I don't feel the need to wear designer jeans...


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