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Does anyone make a single letter of the alphabet stickers for scrapbooking?

I want to buy pages as well as, Bs, Cs. Appreciate any help

you might hit or templates and do it yourself.

Designing a room with their children unisex

Children often have difficulty sharing his room, because they need space to do things alone. But if you do not have the opportunity to provide separate rooms for their children, the design of the room, so they may have privacy and have their own space within the room. With sufficient planning and a little creativity, you can create a room that your children would like to share.

• Space: The use of high shelves, flat screens or cabinets placed back to back, as a partition, so that their children can have their own space soon his bedroom. You can also divide your sleeping area with curtains of pearls color or fabric.

• Bedding: bunk beds ideal for server room with their children. But if you want to prevent their children compete for space, choose theme beds. There are plenty of beds available for boys and girls track and construction trucks, tree house and the butterfly. Let your children choose their own theme beds, so they can have the bed they want.

• Wall Decorations: You can add more creativity a unisex room, because of wall decorations that you can choose. Decorate your wall with the nursery letters of the alphabet wooden write their names. Add frames of different sizes and shapes. Involve your children to leave the room design Contact
title = "custom stickers" personalized stickers> on your bedroom wall. Buy stickers personalized with the color of your favorite son, shapes and images. Paint the walls her children with their favorite colors, so they will not fight for the color to be applied in the wall of the room. You can put wallpaper on the wall with interesting patterns and designs.

• Furniture: These elements also add interest to the design their son room. better alternative would be fun and functional furniture and colorful corner tables, bean bags, and study tables. Choose colors light, floor lamps and table lamps in the room.

• Window Treatments: You can use curtains, blinds, curtains or blinds in the windows of the room with their son. The curtains are the best option if your children want the sunlight to pass through your window. Make the bedroom window of your child more creative by adding a cling "> window cling with an interesting design. reusable wall you can take to redraw the window of his children and is also weatherproof.

• Storage: storage cupboard, shoe boxes, toy boxes and drawers under the bed stock fabrics are perfect for organizing their children. It is also useful if your child's bedroom has a limited space.

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