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no one knows the size of the support car sticker Creative Memories?

Creative Memories Sticker half sheath measures 10 "x 5" X 7 "HTH! (And for more information - broadband module is 15" x 15 "x 10" and the small, 4 "x 7 9" x ")

Scrapbooking: Create lasting memories

The photographs and store them in a photo album is a new way of keeping fresh in memories mind. Each time you get to see a photo album, memories and feelings associated with reports of shots and just returned life. Pictures as they say, speak louder than words. Go further and paint a complete story through photo albums in the improvement of albums.

Scrapbooking is a way to show a memory by incorporating other creative items and photographs to be able to give depth and texture memory. It is similar to the translation of a story in a visual and tactile pleasure for you and for anyone who arrives to see your scrapbook. Thus, scrapbooking becomes half Creative remember the good memories and share moments with friends and relatives.

For example, instead of simply putting a picture of his memorable trip to the park in a conventional photo album, improve your presentation including various media to complement and enhance your photos. Maybe you can add items like a leaf real rose the park and preserve in along with your photo. Do not limit yourself to this, however. You can add items relevant to your case more colorful and lively. In this way, his memory seems almost out of your album with a vitality and life that his memory of justice.

The term scrapbook reflects the principle that, when you book, to incorporate pieces of creation or "bits" with their photos to create an environment of fairy tales that can be enjoyed personally, and to share. Due to the popularity of scrapbooking Currently, there are many materials available on the market which can be used for this task.

Of course, it would probably be ideal to use the materials are in fact memory and photography. But sometimes, if the picture is very old and can no longer save the former home of the day, you can turn today's materials to do the job.

There are many varieties of jewelry and articles available on the market that can be used in the design scrapbook. Virtually everything you need for this effort can be purchased from sources of scrapbooking.

Of course, the scrapbooking materials more common need is the scrapbook itself and some items like scrapbooking stickers that do wonders for any scrapbook layout. Using scrapbooking stickers instead of cutting and pasting pieces of paper saves design time without sacrificing quality and creativity. However, make sure that only that the paper used for your scrapbook, your scrapbooking sticker is acid and has the qualities necessary to preserve their memories. Remember that acid the paper is bad for your photos.

Instead of protecting their memories, the acid slowly corrode and compromise your photos. To ensure that its past Remember, use only quality materials like scrapbooking stickers that do not impede or jeopardize their photographs. It is important to check not only the paper used for scrapbooking stickers, but also the type of glue used on them. This way, you can be assured of immortalizing your memories through your scrapbook.

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