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Lunar stickers?

Looking for my fourth lunar stickers:] When I look online shows me some peas and sometimes I can see how five peas. I wondered how many stickers peas come when you buy them, as, is a package? Or do you buy them individually? those I saw were like around $ 9 ... this is what I was looking at: ↨ shows a single and $ 9 ... ________________________________ Http: / / ↨ show that up to four different sizes ... $ 9 ________________________________________ hope to understand what I'm trying to say, lol x] Thanks,

Amazon link ..... description says: The data has 25 points, measuring 4.75 "and 0.75 in diameter. fun decorating ideas ... -decorating-ideas.html

Decorate your child's room with these wall stickers MLB

Wondering why the stickers are the most popular sports among children? Reason is quite simple. All children love to imitate or play as their favorite baseball or football player. When you paste stickers wall, can see their famous players every day and get inspired by them. If your son is a baseball fan, then you can make your special day, using what MLB Baseball wall stickers.

Many sports organizations, stores and organizations can do with these beautiful wall graphics of a particular company a fashionable look. If you are worried about traces left by these stickers, then you do not have to worry as they are made of vinyl and are easy to remove and place elsewhere. You can even choose bold stickers or wall graphics beautiful. Some online stores also offer accessories additional.

Girls and boys both love this game full of fun. From the crack of the bat the player has hit a home run, the feeling excitement and suspense can create a great impact on individuals account. The mind game can even be placed in the bedroom of her son these walls using stickers. This will not only serve to increase the environment of your room, but also encourage them to improve their baseball skills.

One of the biggest advantages of having these stickers as decorations is that sports can be easily placed in the top of the furniture, walls and floors zero and are resistant to breakage. You can even take with you on vacation and when to change households. Depending on the size of the room, you can visit the many legends of baseball and a team with the support of his son.

If you are planning to organize a baseball theme for his son's birthday, these stickers can be an ideal gift for them. Your child can make use of these stickers Baseball MLB albums or albums photos and even repeat tag can share some rare and expensive old legends.

Children usually prefer a collage their favorite baseball stars. If you want to make their dorm for athletes, you can even go in different Major League Baseball as Kevin Youkilis (Boston Red Sox), David Wright (Mets), Derek Jeter (Yankees) and much more. Because these labels are easy to peel wall you can put any where on the walls of the room.

All children love life of its own size stickers that have their favorite sports personality or team. These can also be found in many online stores at affordable prices. You can even get these posters and stickers of the actors in scenes features different game or action. You can also enter team logos or stickers to decorate Autographed your child.

Imagine the joy on their faces when they see their room decorated with your favorite MLB Baseball decals wall. The room will be their place the hottest among his friends and this will encourage them to be like the favorite sports stars. Now, be appreciated for the rest of their lives. Addition can also be used to decorate the lounge and sports.

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Your child's bedroom will come alive with life size player MLB wall decals. At all the popular MLB stars and teams are available along with other Sports Wall Graphics



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