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How high last year Halloween costume?

I was everything and I'm dressed like a geek! It was great! I suspenders, a pocket protector, a sticker that says the geology of rock! " the high-water pants, argyle socks, shirt was returned in my tighty white had the name of "count" Sharpie in. I was totally in character all day too! What I can do this year?

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Top 10 tips on healthy eating for Halloween

Halloween can wreak havoc with your weight, sugar levels in blood and dental health. Here are my 10 tips for healthy eating on Halloween.

  • Instead of candy, toys to buy candy on Halloween. Small toys Cheap Halloween as pencils, balls, mini-stickers, vampire teeth, spider rings and other novelties are fun fun for children. Halloween toys can cost as little as 5 or 10 cents each, so no need to spend more money than you do on candy. Toys do not be tempted to break his diet does not contain food allergens such as candy, and extras can be stored for next year. You can even buy toothbrushes for Halloween is to show how!
  • Do not buy candy early. The sweet time sitting in your closet, the more willpower you have. Too many people buy candy early, only to discover that most have been consumed before Halloween Come Around.
  • Buy brands of candy do not. Everyone has different tastes, and gatherers can Trick or Treat like a type of candy that you do not. You face less temptation in this way.
  • Do not let their children skip dinner before going Halloween. They eat more sweets, and junk to fill and no protein for your diet.
  • Limit Tour duration of treatment. deceive the processing time or more houses = more candy of total calories and sugar from your child (the family) are consumed.
  • After proven by candy to make sure it is safe, let your child choose 3 or 4 pieces to eat. Discard any candy that seems questionable. Save the rest of the candy into a container and put it on a high shelf. Let your child has one or two pieces a day until candy disappeared.
  • Take a few candies, like Smarties or M & M's, and store them separately for cooking. Next time that your child has a birthday, or need to make cupcakes for school, you can use these colorful candies for decoration.
  • Not all candy should be eaten. Add some as the weeks go by and the child is less focused on candy for Halloween.
  • Sure your candy to children, balances adequate food. Provide a healthy snack like fruit, yogurt, crackers and cheese, etc. when your child comes home hungry. Are less likely to gorge themselves on sweets if you're not hungry.
  • It is fun and healthy foods that are associated Halloween. Remove from heat and toast the pumpkin seeds when you are carving. Enjoy apples, pumpkins, tomatoes and seasonal vegetables. Put emphasis candy wonderful food harvest which are available at this time of year.

Change concentrate the confectionery business, crafts and games, help your child to associate Halloween with more than collect candy. Setting a good example and target = "_new" learning the nutritional value> can help ensure that Halloween is not as scary to your health family.

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