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In the previous article we discussed the list to continue to turn a new patient in a patient's life. The first four items on the list are:

1. Make a strong visual impression.
2. Make your patients feel welcome.
3. Communicate a clear plan, the processing resources.
4. Answer all questions.

Let's end the list in this article. This is information that we thoroughly with our clients doctor. It is absolutely predictive practices and successful business results.

1. Find out how they can find.

Know your referral sources and media that are the source of new patients into your practice. By analyzing this data, you will find something very interesting. You will find that their sources will be 5-20% 50-90% of your results.

Thus, 20% of their patients to take 80% of their references. And 20% of your ads to bring 80% of calls from patients and appointments. If you do not, you will not remove the ads from the ads and growing. Do not know which patients should call personally Thank you for promoting their practice.

You can not manage what you can not measure. You know the roads leading to their practice and how they work.

2. Plan your next visit.

I know this sounds obvious, but bear with me. Patients say exactly when and why a return. People want to know why they are back.

Do not allow the patient to plan your next visit. Inform staff new patients should go out with a next appointment, without exception. Then put them in your reminder system for patients. And as statistics.

You want to know two statistics-What is the percentage of new patients to schedule a second date at checkout and the percentage of new patients are seen by a second appointment. Most doctors are disappointed to see these figures. It is often assumed that things are as they should, in the absence of a review system data.

Once your team knows it's really important to you, is likely to improve their performance in this area, given a little training and encouragement. But is not measured is not managed.

3. They sell them in their practice.

Do you have a bag of gifts for new patients? You should. You should sell them in the vision and practice of reliability and experience of providers. Opening hours should be reviewed and future plans of the practice. Include business cards, magnetic cards business cards, audio cards bio, practice a statement, calendars, brochures, pens, mugs and relevant information to patients. Call our office If you need help with this.

You should also consider getting a mailing in three stages for new patients after their first visit. It is very effective and really makes your practice. After the survey cards are also very useful and a good complement to process.

4. Decide whether you are a good fit for your practice.

The 80-20 rule states that 20% of their patients have 80% of your pain. I really think it should be 5% of their patients bring you 95% of your pain. Most patients are good people who can work with. If receive a high percentage of patients with problems (more than 5%), we seek better models of the acquisition of a new patient. Contact our office for help.

If you encounter a problem of the patient, often admit at the outset. It is the right time to act. Please not to refer these patients to other providers more appropriate. However, the same as at least the limits set out in these patients as contracts writings.

It takes a lot of confidence to remove the problem of a patient practice. (Of course, always appropriate monitoring protocols to do it and consult a competent lawyer health provider if you have questions about how to do it.) believe that you will be so if you do. Buy gift of trust. It will be interesting.

Dr. David Zahaluk is the founder of MIP Practice Performance, a firm that helps physicians find greater satisfaction and financial security from their practices. His book, The Ultimate Practice Builder Book, is a prescription for financial (and emotional) health for modern private practices. For more information, please visit:


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