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For Europeans and Americans-Americans: Why do Americans put stickers on their cars? EURO: Why not?

Just wondering. I've noticed that almost all states have car stickers, but in the United Kingdom and Ireland, it is very rare to see.

Because in general, Americans are extroverts. We do not care that others know our minds on a topic. And Part of it is arrogant, too. We feel the need to "evangelize" if you want, from our point of view. Or humor.

5 Excellent promotional items for car events

Product Promotion driving events do not stop the stickers or glasses. Now there are more promotional items available to choose and should not be expensive.

Awarded the promotion of the album Taxes

Once upon a time it was clear simple pieces of round plastic disk containing the tax. Sometimes there was an announcement the rear of the station. Things are different now with all these gifts really well in the top of the motor premium list. One food chain used more than 1 million cardholders sticker which were designed to have a discount card provided by the customer. Drivers who corrected the situation your windshield, then able to take advantage of current offerings in the Drive Through Lane. However, very clever adaptation that simple.

scrapers Promotional Ice

The great thing about ice scrapers in the United Kingdom is that almost everyone has a need at some point. They are cheap, have a large print area and rarely drawn by the recipient. You get an excellent return on investment for these reasons.

Promotion indicator Tyre tread

This may seem like a specific part of all, but you'll be amazed how long people continue these excellent promotional gifts. They have a good printing surface, are cheap and can actually save lives, let alone spell it on your license for having worn tires.

Cupholders promotion

What may be the case that cars now have most holders Cup of building structures as a standard. But there are still millions of cars that do not at all, and millions but do not have it in the back of car. The development of new materials has made these excellent promotional items are now much stronger and therefore much safer.

Promotional First Aid

They are not used much to expect, but as the promotion of merchandise job extremely well. When was the last Once you threw a first aid kit? Exactly, nobody does, in case you may need if your logo and message will be long after the pen or keychain went.

For promotional labels

Who has not used a car sticker promotion? Everyone at some point if it was in the car when we bought it, or tell people where we were, what we have done or that we support. Screen Printers still sell hundreds of thousands of these great promotional gifts each year. Digital printing now allows much shorter are possible and costs are reduced to a minimum.

Whatever your promotion is to try to give your time to promote the supplier of goods for products Far East. This will reduce your budget or allow you to move to a better product. The benefits derived from its customers in terms of recognition will do little extra work is worth it.

About the Author

Paul Beirne has been the Sales Director at BTC Group for more than 20 years. recognised as the UK's premier supplier of promotional items this company is the largest privately owned Promotional Merchandise manufacturer in the UK.


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