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How to paint my bike to look like a WW2 bike?

I ride a 150cc Daelim Magma is dark green, with the exception of the wing front which is silver. And is that the magma "" label on the body that I can not eliminate, the Suggestions? I hope the final result for the paint job would as "not brilliant". Hope to look like the Green Army as Abit rough / rugged. As is green, do not think there should be a big problem. Can you give way guys step solutions on how to paint the bike and the sanding of paint, first, you can spray a little paint to use, etc. .. and suggestions to make extra look better to be a WW2 bike? Thanks for reading, clueless friend Rajan

I do not know if it will be easier than you think. I'm not familiiar your bike or color, but in general the majority of bicycles are painted with a primer, gloss and then a layer to protect the paint itself. Seeing the bike is the most brilliant military jet likeley are painted matte and one can not paint over it. the only way to avoid this is completely strip the bike, tank, sandblasting, officers, agents, spray etc. with primer and then paint when the primer is dry. This process could take more than a week and then you need to fully reasemble bike again. The fact that one wonders how to do this would indicate you should get one and not try to IIT PROFESSIONAL yourself.If trying is unlikely to participate as planned and then you can be the resale value of the bike if you want to sell later. Anyway, PROFESSIONAL Orr job will cost you money, you know if it's worth.

Motorcycle Sticker prevails in the UK market

There are several reasons behind the popularity of motorcycle tags in particular on the UK market. First look different from other printing due to its attractive design and catchy that are regularly created by graphic creative in most printing companies in the world-class product. second bike stickers attract the attention of target customers, because of its combination of popular colors which is often referred to as "CMYK / PMS (Pantone Matching System) Printing."

They seem very clear and bright as the brightness and matte finish. In addition, cheap bike vinyl stickers still create a great impression, as a result of its content and unique concepts copies. It is interesting to note that they are different other printed products, because of its amazing feature of being water resistant and weatherproof. That is why not we can only stay long, but also to maintain quality without losing their color or brightness.

Today, motorcycle stickers are in huge publicity and demand in the world. More importantly, have prevailed on the market of British origin. This is shown also that the motorcycle stickers are printed products very attractive. For example, you can reap huge benefits of the measure href = ""> motorcycle stickers UK Listing participation of business and marketing system, increasing sales volumes, companies now returns, and long-term development of corporate identity throughout.

Interestingly, the majority of children and adults in the United Kingdom use stickers to promote the beauty of their bikes and bike away. In this way, they are promoting various products and services of different companies across the UK. Add to this, they use stickers to Cycling express their feelings and ideas revolutionaries everywhere. They are also using custom size labels Hull to capture people's attention immediately.

More importantly, a wide range of political actors are using stickers color for cycling campaigns, or contemporary movements. Finally, it is still widely used as a form of expression, feelings, emotions, and demonstration of many nonprofit organizations in those days. They can also be used for other reasons such as religious, social and cultural purposes. online commercial printing label is firmly convinced of color printing in both the UK and in world.

It also offers unlimited design revisions and free lamination, shipping and freedom of its international customers value. Also you do not need money to pay the value added tax (VAT) by any means. So if you need assistance with printing products, please do not hesitate to ask! We take care of your requests and suggestions from the base of our heart.

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