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Soccer ball stickers on back of cars?

I've been seeing a lot of those. They usually also come with these 3 letter black and white stickers "LHS" WTH is that?

they are left hand socers and right hand socers they are socers not football players..

Soccer is considered a sensation in the world

The popularity of soccer should not be discounted. This fast-paced and fun game is loved around the world and its fans are loyal and many others. Although not necessarily a favorite of all Americans in the World Cup shows how activity strong point of the next is for the sport. Perhaps no other sport that attracts the attention of people around the world easier than football.

Football fans located on the World Cup rolls, the celebration at the international level is in the air. Dozens of countries around the world send their best teams to participate in the Cup. With candidates from across Europe, Central America and South America and even itself, sport is a truly international pastime. Playing in the cup and a good performance is a source of pride for many countries. In fact, in parts the world, the big games are the reason for national celebration.

The frenzy surrounding the World Cup may become evident in the number of commemorative items created for the event. Shirts to video games, when you see the World Cup logo is included, the subject of an insurance salesman. Each country and each team has its own commemorative items as do the major international matches between them.

But why is football so loved the Internationally? Simple: it's an old game that requires great skill, but it is fast enough to be an explosion not only play, but also look. A mix of hockey and football with a touch or two of its own, this sport requires agility, endurance and ability to play and dominate. His fans seem to appreciate that and appreciate their team even more. Stuff passion for football that few sporting events can boast. Insofar, collectibles are big business.

The collections have grown up around the sport are the following:

* Seals. Most Countries participating in the World Cup to create their own commemorative stamps to celebrate the event. These joints are typically post but things like stickers and stamps for children are also available.

* Coasters. World Cup comment and frozen drinks seem to go together. Insofar, World Cup mountains are ideal for watching football matches.

* T-shirts, jackets and other clothing. Whether you just All World Cup logo to announce a favorite team, what are the hotspots for the conclusion of the Games.

The games video. There are officially sanctioned video games allow players to take control of their favorite teams. Players can lead the team of his country to victory over field. His popularity is very high.

* Pins for collectors. It is a pillar of almost all major sporting events and the World Cup is no different.

A sensation in the world that attracts more likely that the passion of the fans of the Olympic Games, football is an important activity for many countries. His fans are so eager to see their teams performed in the field of video streaming is available, even Internet and live action visualization of all matches of the series. Football is one of those sports highlights Pride International.

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