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can pain killers cross your breastmilk?

I had a baby a week and a half ago and I'm breast feeding. He was an 8 and a half pound baby and tore a lot so I'm full of stitches. I've been avoiding pain medications because of the breast feeding but lately I've been real irritable because of the pain. I've been taking over the counter tylenol but I'm wondering if anything stronger (like IBU 800 or Vicodin) could be harmful to the baby. Anybody know?

Oh honey, there is no need for you to be suffering! At the very least alternate over the counter tylenol and advil. Your doctor will probably be willing to right you a prescription for a higher dosage of ibuprofen or something more. I was sent home from the hospital with 800 mg tablets of ibuprofen with directions to take them three times daily with food, and I did not even tear. Think of it this way - moms who have c-sections nurse and they are taking way more than tylenol! is a good chart to look at for reassurance.

In the mean time, try a sitz bath to get some relief or use ice packs on your perineum. An easy way to make a multipurpose ice pack is to take a disposable newborn diaper, cut open one end and fill it with crushed ice, and then put it in your underwear or if you have more patience wet the diaper and freeze it. Then you will have a combination ice pack/post partum pad.

Congratulations on the birth of your son, I hope you recover quickly, and go you for nursing!

Carabiner Keychains: Big Hit promotion orders!

"Snap carriers are often applied equally in both sailing and climbing industrial rock. These "real" carabiners are made of aluminum rod or forged steel shaped all-around a spring loaded door. Traditionally produced in both D and oval shapes, snap today is generally in the range of sizes and shapes. Its features are derived from the mechanism of opening the door to the pressure and springs closed when released keeps brackets and being attached to different objects.

This item is not bearing load refers to the variety connectors, but for the use of much smaller "replica" or "promotion" applies mainly as carabiners keyring. Advertising hooks are approximately 1 / 3 the size of "real" carabiners and are not charging and not for climbing. He has worked in approach similar to their cousins load. But the door spring can be simply cut to most straps and loops to create an approach much easier to carry keys and other small objects. This "clipping" higher performance while using the ability to customize products using a name, logo or message is why carabiner keychains have sky pulled up in the successful advertising great graphics.

carabiner keychain madness began when the use of the introduction Reply with D major is approx. three. "X 1.5". It was originally published in black with a silver door. Other colors to come later. These carabiners are typically sold in outdoor stores such as accessories and have begun to get climbers discovered. They display proudly answer these carabiners cut their belt buckles and backpacks that have been identified as climbers also in terms of dedication to their sport.

The first use of the carabiner key chains as a marketing tool and advertising started in the 90s when a company leading to its solution portfolio, including the promotion of a black nylon webbing color and print personalized labels. Step ahead is to improve the popularity of the carabiner keychain in the world. RMG accessories Gear In 1995, a small business marketing goods Connecticut carabiner keychains developed for the educational market. Carabiner key chains made in a trade with the school store logo as a University is printed on a white polyester label was sewn into a piece of string attached to nylon snap. Carabiners not end available before dark, but the number of combinations of color belt clip /. The theme was an important success on college campuses. The same time for both small and large organizations had been drinking and would soon be detected by carabiner keychains custom printed as marketing tools and advertising. They have been effective, because men and women to use and basically ended up not throwing as has been the sense of being promotional materials more of the time.

At this stage, the only track on the label, the clips were empty solid colors. The carabiner keychains the next innovation to send advertising products main market. About 1995, some are experimenting with companies using lasers to apply the markers directly on the hook to the ground. Due to the color of the floor was just a "coincidence", the success of the laser could remove this layer to expose the shiny silver, with aluminum below. Carbabiners procedure with the layer of pigment is identified as "anodized". In addition to the application of color, anodized aluminum box also protects against abrasion and wear. This procedure identified as laser engraving "now allows customization to direct into carabiners with names, logos and messages. laser engraving offers many positive aspects more personalized printed labels, more horizontal space for text, and much less expensive than more work for printing labels, seams and nylon straps do not rub or scratch marks. Although, due to its low point print (0.50 ") of the label that offers much more opportunities for reproduction of logos on the ground to the engraving, a large D carabiner (25 "). Other methods of personalization such as "pad printing" ink deposited increased participation on the metal surface became to do the same. The advantage is that we have impressions pad may still appear in color. The disadvantage of this procedure is always the tracks are not well maintained and are currently subject to the stripe and disappeared from constant handling while on the keys rubbing against it. Pad printing is still used today for the personalization of snaps, but the engraving Laser is by far the most popular and desired brand technology.

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