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Is it a foot blind spot, the same as that of a seam in the gap in the foot?

I am new to sewing. I can make a quilt. The lady told me me a stitch in the ditch side. I did and when I got home, I saw a stand that came with my machine and sewing. This is called a blind spot foot. Thanks for any help!

A foot blind spot has similar properties to a point in the trench foot. Basically, the two must have a sheet in the bottom of the foot that is still the needle. Run the blade along the seam in force (the "hole") to keep their points located exactly on the seam. A point in the trench foot may be other brand names so you can see when their turn, and perhaps a little easier to see the seams. I would give to the blind spot of a first test, and if it works, the item back in the lateral ditch. This is a new link to the sewing machine single explanation of a point in the trench foot Moreover, a point on the foot distance has nothing to do with one foot on foot, despite a walk-off can be useful when quilting lines. One inch by inch only keep moving the upper layers at about the same speed as the bottom layer, which is proposed by claws.


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